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Greens+ O Review

greens-oI recently started using Greens+ O, which is the organic version of Greens+ I talked about in my review here. Greens+ is a greens supplement made by Genuine Health. This Greens+ “O” is very similar but contains 75% organic ingredients for those who are trying to consume mostly organic foods.

As it says on their website they’ve basically taken out the allergens from the original Greens+ and replaced them with other healthy and innovative ingredients. That includes organic broccoli sprouts, chia seeds, amongst others.

Greens+ O is 100% Vegan, wheat free, soy free and dairy free.

The supplement comes into either original flavor or Acai & Mango. I went with the Acai & Mango flavor and it tastes pretty good on its own. I didn’t have an original Greens+ to do a taste test, but from what I can remember they are pretty similar tasting, and both would get about a 8/10 for taste (for a greens product).

If you don’t know what the greens supplements do for your health I recommend checking out my Greens+ and VegeGreens review, but basically they provide antioxidants to support good health. This includes your energy, digestive health, liver function and more. It is definitely one of the first supplements I recommend everyone take, as a very small % of people actually consume enough of a variety of vegetables daily.

This supplement is very comparable to the original Greens+ and it is simply an alternative for someone who is looking to go organic. Other than that there isn’t a real difference that I noticed.

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