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Animal OMEGA Review

I’ve been taking fish oil supplements for a number of years now but I don’t think I’ve ever done a review, as there isn’t much to talk about in a review. With that said I am going to quickly go over my favorite Omega 3 supplement – Animal OMEGA.

Animal OMEGA is created by Universal Nutrition (the same company that makes Animal Cuts and the rest of the Animal products). They are a top notch company that creates some of the best supplements, although sometimes a little pricey. Their supplements are marketed towards serious athletes, bodybuilders, or just anyone who wants to spend money on quality supplements.

Animal OMEGA contains Essential Fatty Acids (also known as EFAs). EFAs are said to have positive effects in many areas including balancing insulin levels, immune function, repair of cellular membranes, promoting metabolism, hormone production, cardiovascular health, and more.

Universal Nutrition has combined a precise ratio of Omega 3 and 6, which are extracted from various fish sources and plant sources and rounded out with key oils including sesamin and CLA, and Linoleic acid.

The reason Animal OMEGA is more expensive than most fish oil supplements is that they include high quality omega 3 and 6 complexes, as well as an omega absorption complex. Most fish oil supplement products don’t include the variety of EFAs that Animal OMEGA includes, or the absorption complex.

Each pack contains 8 different pills, and it is recommended you take them once or twice daily as needed. Personally I take one pack per day as I try to get some healthy fats into my daily diet.

Overall I’ve had no negative side effects from Animal OMEGA (some people report having “fish tasting burps” with fish oil supplements but I’ve never experienced that with Animal OMEGA).

You also probably won’t directly notice any positive effects from taking fish oil supplements, but they are essential for your daily diet and great for staying healthy and recommended whatever your workout goals are (losing weight or building muscle).

Overall I rate this product an 8 out of 10 for review purposes given that it isn’t some miracle supplement that will give you a huge boost towards your goals, but as a fish oil supplement I rate it a 9.5 (it would be a 10 if it was less expensive) and I would recommend it to all.

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