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Vince Del Monte’s Muscle Camp [Videos]

I had the pleasure of attending one of Vince Del Monte’s “Muscle Camps” and thought I would share the videos with you.

For those who don’t know him, Vince Del Monte is a WBFF Pro Fitness model, along with a popular “online muscle building trainer”.  What I mean when I say online trainer is that he has a lot of high level training certifications, but does his coaching online through online programs, courses, etc.  This allows him to help more people than if he were simply just working at a gym.  He’s also one of the more “famous” fitness YouTube guys out there.

What is a Muscle Camp?  Basically Vince Del Monte brings in students to run through a hypertrophy camp or a muscle camp which consists of multiple training sessions in a single day. There are many different ways you can structure a muscle camp, but when I went we hit up three different muscle groups and finished with a cardio HIIT workout. We started with abs/core, then hit our shoulders, and finished with a brutal arm workout containing what Vince calls “death sets”.  After that we had the ultimate finisher doing stair sprints.

These muscle camps are great because not only does you body get a shock and you can elicit some muscle growth, we were also learning stuff throughout the entire day.  Vince was walking around looking at our technique and helping us fix stuff.  I learned quite a bit from the Muscle Camp, and if you ever have an opportunity to attend one put on by Vince I recommend you do whatever it takes to get there.

Check out the videos below in order from morning to afternoon….

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