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Hockey Workout Program For Off-Season

This post is specifically for hockey players. If you’re a hockey player looking to become faster, stronger, more explosive and all around a better hockey player you are going to want to see this.

I’ve partnered up with my friend Dan Garner, who is a popular strength coach, to release an off-season hockey training program online. This is a full off-season workout systems that includes three different training phases, nutrition information and meal plans, supplementation systems, and lots more.

If you’re a hockey player that has looked at hiring a strength and conditioning coach you will know that the price can get very expensive.  The best strength coaches charge up to $5,000 per month, and your average trainer will run you around $4,000 for the off-season.  This hockey training system is run all online which makes it affordable for everyone.

What is included in the hockey training system?

You will receive general hockey training information in the training philosophy ebook, plus a full three phase program.  Each phase will run for about 5 weeks during the off-season and is going to help you increase your speed, quickness, agility, strength, etc on the ice.  You will get individual workouts with exercises, reps and sets all detailed.  This allows you to follow along step by step without any confusion at all.  This alone is valued at over $300.

You will also get nutritional information for hockey players, including information on supplementation.  Meal plans will be provided that are customized for your specific needs and size.  As bonuses you will receive smoothie recipes as well as healthy meal recipes.  When you are getting ready to play in a game be sure to check out the game day nutrition protocol that Coach Garner recommends.

Everything in the hockey workout program will be available instantly for download after you sign up.  The price is just $47 when you sign up and 3 monthly payments of $47.

Who is Dan Garner?

Dan Garner is a popular strength coach out of London, Ontario.  Not only is he an expert in strength and conditioning training, but he is also a nutrition specialist.  He has many impressive certifications including being a certified sport nutrition specialist, biosignature practitioner and precision nutrition coach.

From personal experience I can tell you that Dan knows his stuff, especially for athletes.  This program is designed to make you a better hockey player and if you follow his program 100% you will transform into a new and improved player.

Check out more about hockey training from Coach Garner in the YouTube video below.  He shares a ton of great information in this 18 minute hockey training video.

Within the video you will find out the importance of strength training for hockey players, common mistakes hockey players make in the gym, how important nutrition is for hockey players, specific game day nutrition protocols, and supplement information for hockey players.

Where can I get access to the off-season hockey workout plan?

Right now you can get access at http://elitehockeysystem.officehockeytraining.com/, although we may be full by the time you read this. Check it out and see. I know in the past we’ve filled up pretty quickly because we want to provide timely email support for all hockey members.

The price is VERY reasonable for all the information you’re going to receive on training for hockey. The workout program alone would normally cost over $300, and the full system is valued at a true value of over $600. It has opened at just $47 x 4 payments, although it is going up to $57 after their sale ends. Visit the site and sign up.

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