About Workout Tipster

I have been working out for over 10 years now, and have a ton of training experience.  I have trained for fat loss, gaining muscle, and playing competitive sports (sports specific training).  I started working out as a 160 pound skinny teenager, and over the years have used weight lifting to get to a solid 200 lean pounds.  Whether you are a female looking to lose weight, or a guy looking to pack on some muscle I will share my workout tips, secrets, programs, supplement reviews and more

My goal is to help as many people as I can meet their fitness goals.

In this section of the site I will give you my personal tips from trial and error (and a lot of research) for packing on muscle.  I've gained over 55 pounds over the 7 years I've been working out, with my peak weight being 217 pounds.  Since then I've leaned out to become a "cut" 195 or so.  I will share my 5 main tips that will help you gain 10-20 pounds of muscle over the next few weeks (assuming you follow all of the tips I've provided).  I also have listed reviews of weight gaining supplements that I've written here at the blog, as well as general muscle building articles.

Fat Loss Tips

Whether you are a man or woman who wants to lose fat I can help you.  I've personally leaned down from 217 pounds to 188 at one point, and I've helped a number of women lose their unwanted fat too.  In fact I am the publisher of an online workout program for women that is really starting to take off.  With my personal experience and expertise I can help almost anyone lose 5-15 pounds in just 3 or 4 weeks.  On this page you will find 6 easy to implement fat loss tips. These tips aren't big secrets, but by following all 6 you will find yourself shedding pounds fast.  I also have posted reviews of fat burning supplements that I have written for this website, and other general weight loss articles.

More About WorkoutTipster.com

We've got a great workout resource here, and I want to help you take advantage of all of the articles and blog posts I've written over the few years this website has been online for.

Along the top of you will see I have links to the Muscle Building and Fat Loss pages mentioned above.  These are the best pages to visit if your goal is to either pack on weight or lose some fat.

The next place you will want to look is along the right hand side.  Here you will find the most recent posts I've written.  Browse through those recent posts and see if there is anything that interests you.  It will range from workout tips to supplement reviews to even just personal posts about my own workouts or training.

Underneath that you will be able to search my posts in categories.  You will see I have exercise tips, general tips, nutrition tips, product reviews (workout programs), and supplement reviews.

Exercise Tips - These articles will include anything related to actual exercises.  It could be describing certain exercises, giving the pro's or con's about a certain lift, or even videos of me performing exercises.

General Tips - Anything that doesn't fit into the four other categories will be put in there.  Usually this is where I will post my personal training stuff (for example talking about my progress throughout the year).

Nutrition Tips - This will include things like what to eat for gaining muscle or losing weight, meal plans, healthy recipes, or when and what to eat.

Product Reviews - Here I will review workout programs or workout equipment.  I like to try out a lot of different online based training programs, and when I do I will always post a review in case you are interested in trying them out.  Here you will find my honest reviews of all products I use.

Supplement Reviews - One of the most popular sections of this Workout Tips website!  I love using supplements to supplement my nutrition.  The first thing you need to do is get your diet in check, but once that is good you can turn to supplements for an extra boost.  I like testing a variety of different supplements, and when I do I will write honest reviews of how I liked them (including my results).  I also urge readers to comment with their own personal experiences with the supplement if you have taken them.

If there are certain workout questions you have you can try the search bar at the bottom of this page.  Try typing in anything you'd like to find out more about (workout related) and see if I have written something about that in the past.

My goal is to write informative workout related articles 2-3 days per week, and maybe more if I am getting positive feedback.  Again my goal is to help as many people as I can meet their fitness goals so if you have any workout questions feel free to email me at Kevin (at) WorkoutTipster.com - enjoy!