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SuperPump 3.0 Review

Video Transcript of my SuperPump 3.0 Review found on YouTube:

What’s up guys? Dan Garner, Strength Coach and Nutrition Specialist here today to review SuperPump 3.0, brand new product recently come out from Gaspari. I am going to give really a practical review here and a scientific review too for the people who want to know what they ingredients do and why it is a decent pre-workout product.

So first thing’s first, pre-workout by themselves aren’t going to build muscle mass, okay? I have to say that right away because a lot of people will buy a pre-workout in the hope that they’re going to build muscle mass with that pre-workout. Food and sleep and proper training are going to build muscle mass, okay? Having said that, pre-workouts are a good tool to use to increase your motivation, drive, focus and even strength level and endurance capacity if the right ingredients and there dosed properly. Also can prevent injury too with the right minerals and electrolytes balance there too.

SuperPump IngredientsSo getting into it here with this SuperPump 3.0, one thing that caught my eye right away was the beta-alanine. It’s kind of funny because back—was it two years ago or maybe now when Gaspari recently sent out an email about beta-alanine not being a pre-workout amino but then now they’ve got it in there. But that’s actually good on Gaspari because they’re keeping up with the research. There are athletes now and the research is showing that it’s beneficial to take beta-alanine before, during and after the exercise. I’m talking in doses in upwards of eight to ten grams of high doses; but nonetheless, it’s effective in that workout period. The reason why it is effective is because intramuscular acidosis is the primary cause of fatigue during exercise. And its rate limiting factor like the amount of carnitine that you have is going to be able to delay the onset of all these fatigue-inducing bi-products from exercise. But the rate limiting factor of how much carnitine you have is the amount of beta-alanine that you have. So you want to have a lot of intramuscular beta-alanine for carnitine to do its job and remove these fatigue-producing bi-products that happen with exercise. So what this means is really beta-alanine is going to help you get further than you would have without it because you’re not going to be feeling the same type of fatigue that you would because it’s able to remove fatigue-producing bi-products from inside the muscle cell.

Clinical studies also report that beta-alanine has significant antioxidant capacity when the body is exposed to exercise, induce oxidative stress and may keep your heart rate threshold too. So it improves endurance, strength and aesthetic performance in more than just one way. Exercise also leads to a lot of secretion of what’s known as reactive oxygen species and Vitamin C really helps offset this. You want strong antioxidants in there and both of these are present in SuperPump 3.0. They have a good dose of beta-alanine. When you take in two scoops, you’re getting 3.2 grams of—we’re talking a good solid dose here; and with the Vitamin C, you’re getting 200 milligrams in two scoops. So you’re getting a good amount of ingredients here. The most thing I like about Gaspari is–well number one, no proprietary blend. You could see everything that’s in there. And number two is what they do put in there, they’re putting there in good doses. So you’re getting beta-alanine which is up-to-date with new research, you’re getting Vitamin C which is going to help reduce the reactive oxygen produced from exercise and Vitamin C also helps to improve the immune system. I’ve said this many times before, your ability to put on muscle mass is a function of how good your immune system is. If you have a poor immune system, if you’re getting sick a lot, you’re not going to be putting on muscle mass. If you have a strong immune system, you’re going to put on muscle mass at that much greater.

Another thing with the SuperPump 3.0 is its dose of creatine monohydrate. First and foremost, I like that as creatine monohydrate and not some new creatine that had not near amount of testing and research done on it. Creatine monohydrate is the go-to creatine. It’s one of the most researched and actually proven ingredient in the entire customer world. More than 200 clinical studies are on it and it’s proven its effectiveness, improves strength and lean mass. In here, you’re getting five grams of creatine monohydrate per two scoops and that’s impressive. Five grams is enough to saturate a guy who’s 200 pounds or more. Five grams is enough, that’s your daily dose. So you can save the money that way too because I wouldn’t add any other creatine to this day. It’s just unnecessary. If you’re taking SuperPump, you can skip your creatine dose because you’re just going to be overfilling a full glass of water. You can get any added performance benefit from it so that’s another check—another good one on Gaspari there for getting a full day dose of creatine too.

The BCAAs, they’re coming in at four grams pre-workout. This is okay. You can add more into it. BCAAs aren’t just a pre-workout product. You can really take in pre, intra and post depending on your budget. But there’s a lot of good research out there on BCAAs absorb at 15 grams per hour. So it’s good to take about 15 grams pre-workout, 15 grams intra-workout and 15 grams post-workout. You can get all kinds of BCAAs in there. Of course that depends on your muscle mass and size. I’m talking about an individual who advanced training here with that kind of dose. But four grams is good for a pre-workout because for a pre-workout, I’m not looking for something insane doses. I’m looking to get good energy, good focus, good amount of creatine in there so to have an added program of BCAAs, this is just a bonus. So I like that as well.

Tyrosine at a gram – this isn’t really a big dose. Typically, three to five grams is where you feel a real neural-effect from it but I’m figuring they put a smaller dose in there because they already have other neurological stimulating ingredients in here as well such as the caffeine and choline. Choline plays a major role in many physiological and biochemical pathways, including neurotransmitter synthesis where acetyl-choline which is speed of transmission of thought. So it’s going to be your ability to focus is going to be better in the gym, cell membrane signalling lipoprotein transport, methylation reaction. Choline is involved in a lot of different things so it’s nice to see it in a pre-workout and a non-proprietary blended dose. Caffeine, everybody knows caffeine is going to get you good to go. It’s going to help you oxidize more efficiently fat for energy. The tyrosine in that small of a dose, you’re not going to feel a huge neural effect from it but it’s got caffeine and choline in there. Tyrosine has also been shown to help boost thyroid function so you could get a thyroid benefit out there as well. A lot of people running natural methods to improve thyroid really only run 500 milligrams a day and here you’re getting a gram so you could be improving thyroid functions here as well which is going to improve metabolic rate.

So that’s the scientific review of SuperPump 3.0 and what’s really behind it so what it’s really offering you is increased endurance and increased strength in good doses too. So with this product, me personally, I would add more beta-alanine intra-workout and more BCAAs intra-workout. That’s just based on the structure of this. That’s what I personally would do with my intra but from a practical standpoint, the taste is okay. I think SuperPump tastes better. I think some other products taste a lot better but the taste is okay. I personally don’t care about taste. If it does what it says it’s going to do and it has what it says that’s in it, I don’t care what it tastes like. I drink it for 15 to 30 seconds anyways. I don’t care. But for the people who do care, the taste is 6 out of 10 I’d say. About a six. My energy was good and my pump was good.

One thing I did forget to mention was Agmatine in here. With two scoops, you’re getting the full gram Agmatine; which one gram is actually a lot of Agmatine. That’s a good dose. Agmatine increases anabolic hormones and when you are getting a pump feeling during exercise and it’s something more than you would normally have done or SuperPump was enhancing it, that’s the Agmatine. Agmatine really helps you get a much better pump during exercise but it also goes un-talked about a lot, just because of the pump that it gives you, but it does increase anabolic hormones as well; so that’s worth mentioning.

Hope you guys liked this review. I personally mix my pre-workout with lots of water because we want a lot of hydration in there as well no matter what pre-workout – ultra concentrated or not – I usually mix it with 15 to 20 ounces of water. That’s just what I do and what I find effective and how I feel good in the gym. That’s SuperPump 3.0 guys. If you like this review, please give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel. If you want me to review any other product scientifically and practically, just give it a comment below.

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