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Animal Cuts Review

Animal Cuts is the fat burner I have used the most in my “career” of testing out fat burning supplements.

It is for good reasons that Animal Cuts is my fat burner of choice – it works and I can’t stop taking it!

I’ve decided to give a quick review and overview of the Animal Cuts product for those who are interested in fat burner supplements. This will be my honest review of the product, and I will try to give as much details about the product in the review as I can. If I left out anything in the review please leave a comment at the bottom of this page and ask any questions you have.

So what is “Animal Cuts”? Animal Cuts is a complete fat loss product from the famous Universal Nutrition team. From the side of the can that the Animal Cuts product comes in it reads “it ain’t a fat burner. It ain’t a thermogenic. it ain’t a diuretic. Or a metabolic… It’s all of these wrapped into one”. That pretty much sums up what the Animal Cuts product is. They have included everything you would need to burn fat into one product. The results speak for themselves – you will get quick and solid results from the 3 week stack of Animal Cuts.

Honest Animal Cuts Evaluation

Again I wanted to stress on how I give honest reviews of supplements here at my Workout Tips blog. I’ve tried Animal Cuts multiple times, and am going only off the results I have received. I can’t speak for the results you will see of course, but I am sure they will be somewhere along the same lines of the results I have gotten from the product.

Disclaimer – I am not a doctor 🙂

Animal Cuts Results

[highlight color=”FFFF00″]My verdict – Animal Cuts is my #1 fat burner right now. I would rate it a 9.5 out of 10.[/highlight] I don’t think I could ever rate a fat burner a 10/10 unless it instantly made me chiseled with no time in the gym 😉

Updated: February 21st, 2012 – The picture to the right is from my vacation I just got home from. Prior to this vacation I used a bottle of Animal Cuts. I managed to lose about 6 or 7 pounds.

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A cycle of Animal Cuts is 3 weeks long (and you are directed to take a week off if you want to go back on for another 3 weeks). Each day you will be taking 2 packs of 9 pills, for 18 pills total in a day. If you have troubles swallowing pills this may be a disadvantage for you, but I get all 9 pills down in one gulp. Because of the powerful fat loss ingredients in Animal Cuts they had to make so many pills. Do you ever wonder how some supplements have just “1 miracle pill”? So do I. Although Cuts has a lot of pills, they work. Enough said.

Every time I take Animal Cuts I lost roughly 4-5 pounds of fat in the three week period. I also lose a couple pounds of water weight as well, which makes me look even slimmer.

You have to realize that I ain’t to fat to begin with, so losing 4-5 pounds of fat on me would be like losing 10-15 pounds of fat on someone who has a lot more weight to lose. The “4-5 pounds” doesn’t really do justice without explaining that. If you a body fat % of higher than 16% I bet you can expect to lose around 10+ pounds of body fat + some water weight too.

Animal Cuts Update 2014

Updated: July 24th, 2014

Because this is one of my most popular posts here at Workout Tipster I wanted to give you guys an update on where I am right now and what I think of Animal Cuts now that I have a bit more experience with other supplements and fat burners.

Check out the recent “lean down” I did over a 3 month span…


As you can see from the picture above I got a bit chubby earlier this year. I had appendix surgery and couldn’t workout or do anything active for a month and ended up eating like crap because I wasn’t motivated.  I got back into the gym and worked hard for three months to get maybe as lean as I’ve ever been.

So the big question is did I use Animal Cuts for this transformation?

Nope, I didn’t use Animal Cuts this time around.  My buddy Dan Garner is a nutrition specialist, and he had me on a few supplements but didn’t recommend a pre-made fat burner at all.  Instead he had me on other supplements that act as fat burners including Carnitine and a Green Tea Extract.  If you want more information on exactly the type of supplements he recommends for fat loss you can get his free 64+ tips report free here.

I still think that Animal Cuts is a good product and I am proof that it does work, but Dan has some other supplement recommendations that are working better for me right now.

Review of Animal Cuts Side Effects

Everyone is always curious about the side effects one has experienced from a supplement. Personally I haven’t seen any serious side effects from my countless cycles of taking Animal Cuts, but there are a few things I should point out.

When taking Animal Cuts on an empty stomach I often feel my stomach growling and even feel a little bit of discomfort. Because of this I always take Animal Cuts within 15 minutes of a meal. I try to leave about 15 minutes between taking the Cuts package and a meal, but sometimes just end up taking the pack of pills right before the meal.

Because of the Diuretic ingredients (the stuff that takes away your water weight to make you look more cut) I have often found that drinking alcohol on Animal Cuts can give you a bigger than normal hangover. I highly suggest you stay away from alcohol when taking any supplements or fat burners, but if you do decide to drink while taking Animal Cuts I suggest doing so in moderation and drinking lots of water before, after, and even in between drinks if you can.

Overall there wasn’t anything life changing I saw from Animal Cuts, and the side effects were slim to none. Just another reason I love the product!

Animal Cuts Price Review

Do yourself a HUGE favor and buy Animal Cuts online at

Animal Cuts costs $34.99 at vs costing up to $64 in stores where I live. That is savings of over 50% when buying Animal Cuts online!

Use the button below to visit the site and purchase it for cheap.

[buybutton style=”42.png” linkingurl=”” windowtype=”_blank”]

I think the $32 price tag is an extremely fair price for what the product can do. Most other fat burners that give similar results cost closer to $40 from my experiences. I always ask the question when people are talking price for a supplement – would you pay $32 to lose 10 pounds of fat? Usually the answer is yes. If it is, you have solved your own problem.

Overall a great price for a great Animal Cuts product.

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I hope you enjoyed my review of Animal Cuts – leave comments below if you have questions or your own review!

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  • I have a question, i started taking this and was wondering if i had to work out with the first hours of taking it? because i take it when i wake up at 6, i take it again at 11, but i dont get home until 4 and dont work out til about 5, 8 on some days. so does it still work even tho i dont work out until later?

    • i have often used this when i put on wieght and i tell i normally drop 5 pounds within a week , taking to packs a day could mess with your heart beat long-term , this to be is a short-term supplement and to be on the safe side should only take 1 pack a day , and yes you should work out immediately after takin the pack , especially if doing cardio or hiit , for best results a clean diet , just avoid chocalate and crisps. drink 2 litres of water , when im on this supplement all i do is play basketball for 3 hours a day and thats all that i really need , i also do 40 minutes of bodywieght training pulls ups , push ups ,sit ups which often help the look . I dont have a strict diet , however the benifit of this product is it does surpress your hunger. My diet normally would just consist of eggs , bacon , fish , beef , bananas , blueberries , spinach. What i suggest is take this supplement for 2 weeks wiegh yourself before and after trust me it will do wonders.

  • Good review, I am interested in trying Cuts out when I finish my Stak cycle. I’ve taken OxyElite pro before and was wondering which you preferred? I read your review on that as well.

  • @Chris – Yeah that is fine… no problem with not working out right after taking the package.

    @Rico – I preferred Animal Cuts… but I will let you know there are a lot more pills to swallow if that bothers you.

  • My friend just mentioned this on facebook, and besides from what i read on your blog, i have never tried any weight loss supplements, or even heard of this. I’m thinking about trying it, but i’m afraid of all the bad stories i hear about weight loss supplements. Is there anything i should worry about? i’m about 5′ 7″ and weight 155. i’m in army ROTC, so i work out a lot, i just need to lose they layer of fat over my muscles.

    • Hey Kev, I am wondering whilst taking animal cuts will I loose any muscle? And if so how can I stop this? Cheers 🙂

  • Hi Kevin
    I am 40 years old and have approx 22% fat in my body. Do you suggest Animal Cut for me?

    I work out around 90mins @5 days a week. Generally do 45 mins cardio and 45 mins weights. In cardio I try HIIT in which my heart beat ranges between 115-155 (avg 135). In weights I do one body part a day and try to lift as much as I can.

    In diet, I generally try to take 1800 calories in which 35-40% comes from protien, 30-35% from carbs and 20-25% from fat.
    My typical diet plan is
    Breakfast: 2 green apple and oat meal (40gm) with water no sugar
    Snack: 4 boiled eggs
    After work out protien shake (whey protein)
    Lunch: Chicken or fish
    Eve snack: Almonds/cashew nuts
    Dinner: Vegetables

    Finding it tough to loose fat further with excercise alone.
    Any other supplement you suggest?



  • Hey, nice review… I would like to try this out… My doubt is so noobish but pls bare with me… Will it lead to impotency in male??? Im a male 21… I am in the normal zone of BMI…. ALl I hace to loose is the flabs in the mid section(stomach and obliques)… Please suggest whether this is the ONE that I should give a try !!! Also pls temme the diet that I should follow while taking this…

    Thanks in advance..

  • @ Dana – Check with your doctor, but this should help you lose that layer of fat if you are eating really clean (healthy).

    @ Sudhir – I would first cut your cardio to 20 minutes but stick with the HIIT. If doing HIIT properly you shouldn’t be able to go much longer than 20 minutes. Also stop doing just one body part per day if you are trying to lose weight. Try alternating Upper Body and Lower Body/Core workouts 4-5 times per week + the cardio. Use a lot of exercises that use multiple muscle groups instead of isolation exercises. Your heart should be going for most of the workout and you should be sweating if you are doing it properly. All of that mixed with a healthy diet and Animal Cuts should help you drop that body fat % down from 22. Of course be sure to check with your doctor to make sure Animal Cuts is good for you.

    @Shathru – It shouldn’t lead to impotency in a male. I’ve never heard of this. But like I always say check with a doctor because I just go from personal experience. Good luck

  • Thanks Kevin, I have ordered animal cuts. Do you reccomend any other supplement along with animal cuts? I take Gold Whey protein after work out. I guess I can continue with that.

  • Hi there going to start my animal cuts cycle on monday was just wonderin i work out 6 days a week and take the saturday off . Do i still take the 2 packets of cuts on the saturday even alough it is a rest day ?

  • @Sudhir – I recommend getting in a BCAA product pre workout, and yes some protein powder to make sure you are getting protein with every meal.

    @Jake – Yes take Animal Cuts daily, even on non workout days. Good luck!

    • Thanks kevin just one one more question im on my 3rd day not noticed any changes my diet has been impeccible and so has my workouts but i know it might take longer but i guess my real question is i have not had any of this extra sweat or rise in body temperature or a soar head and the main thing is not been needing the tiolet either . Is there something i am missing out that i need to do to have the right side effects ?

      • Give it 1.5-2 weeks before you see any changes to your body. Stick with the good diet, as that is the key.

        As far as sweat, body temperature, etc – every body reacts differently so don’t worry about that.

        You should see some positive change soon!

    • Hi Kevin
      PVL 100% BCAA is okay with Animal Cuts? Can I combine a pre workout supplement like jack3d with animal cuts?

      • Yes BCAA is recommended and fine with a fat burner.

        As far as pre workout supplements with a Animal Cuts – you have to be careful of too many stimulants. I would go with 1/2 scoop of Assault pre workout if you’re body can handle the extra caffeine. Jack3d will probably make you too jittery.

  • Hi Kevin, good review!
    I was just wondering, I am 17 years old and around 13st. I am in fairly good shape but am struggling to get rid of the fat around my belly. I do good amounts of exercise in the gym and through rugby. I am really looking to get rid of the unwanted fat so do you think this product would be right?

    • Liam, I think you need to take a look at your diet and make sure that it is extremely clean (while allowing yourself a few cheat meals per week). I am pretty sure the bottle says 18+ as far as age. You can check with your doctor though to see if Animal Cuts would be alright for you. At your age diet is easily the biggest factor though.

  • hi kevin i wanna ask that should i take one pak per day of cuts is one pak is sufficient or should itake two plz tell me im really very confuse im takin a one pak before two weaks but hasnt seen any effect yet

    • The bottle says 2 packs – one upon waking and the other 4-5 hours later (I think – don’t quote me on that). I’ve always taken 2 per day with great results.

  • thanx bro…one more question
    should i take ANIMAL PUMP with cuts and BCAA
    wat is the best time to consume all three

    • BCAA for sure, and if you can handle the caffeine Animal Pump has in it mixed with the Animal Cuts you could use that as well. If you are strictly trying to cut weight and not worried about gaining muscle I would maybe skip Animal Pump and just take the BCAAs and Animal Cuts (along with Multi Vitamin and Omega 3 Fish Oil).

  • Hey!
    I am 5’7 and weigh about 147 pounds and I am a 19 year old male. I have chest fat and my muscle mass is small.
    I ordered animal cuts today. I am just wondering if I would be able to get rid of my chest fat and gain muscle in just one cycle of animal cuts while taking Optimum Nutrition whey protein.
    Also, how should I take the animal cuts along with the protein? Like which one first? I also wondered if i should take 2 protein shakes a day instead of one?

    I need to transform my body completely before may 4th

    • Hey Lano, 147 pounds is pretty light even at 5’7. I think a sound diet will help more then taking a fat burner. If you do take the Animal Cuts the protein shakes are fine. It won’t matter which one you take first – protein shakes are just to supplement your diet.

      Try a lower carb diet, with healthy fats and high in protein (chicken, steak, tuna, eggs, beef, etc).

      • Will I be able to get rid of my chest fat after 1 cycle of animal cuts though?
        Also I’m a cigarette smoker and an occasional drinker. Would that affect me while taking animal cuts?

  • I tried doing cardio but never managed to lose chest fat!
    Im tired of my chest fat I just want to get rid of it as fast as I can! I also want to gain some muscle mass.
    I think my muscle mass is pretty low though and that is why at 5’7 147 lb I am light but with a fizzy body.
    What can I do to transform my body as fast as possible using whey protein and animal cuts?

    • Sprry for the many posts but I’m unsure if my condition is gyno or chest fat. I do not want to make it worse if its gyno. Would animal cuts help?

  • Hey 🙂 would you suggest this product to women and men? I lost 23 lbs using hcg…. But I do not think I have the will to do another round lol. I am 26, 136.6 Lbs, and 5’5…. I would like to lose about 10 more pounds and decrease my body fat percentage more. I just bought sublingual raspberry ketones..would this product work well with the ketones? I am hoping to see the body I want by sumner.

    • Brandy I think this product would be good for both men and women, but again please check with your doctor. Yes you could combine the Animal Cuts with Raspberry Ketones for added fat loss affect. Good Luck!

  • Hi kevin its very impressive to see ur blog i have a question im 26 years old and i have like overweight problem so i was thinking of taking animal pak as in morning i go for running and den to gym where i do weight training n abbs exercises
    I hv a little high blood pressure issue earlier i have taken fat burners though like of onn nutrition and hydroxycut but i dint had any problem with them like no breathlesness no anxiety nothin like dat but i dint had any good results so i wan to try animal pak for sure so suggest me should i take 1 pak in one day as my trainer told me this only
    So plz let me know wot i shud do about it i shud take it as how much strong this product can be and what will be the results if i manage to take one pak a day ….

    • Smit, you are referring to Animal Pak in your comment (which is their Multi Vitamin product). I am guessing you meant to type Animal Cuts. Because you have high blood pressure I have no advice to give you other then check with your doctor (or even two doctors to get a consensus). Sorry I couldn’t help further.

  • Hi kevin, very nice review !!

    So i wanted to ask you , im now 110kg( overweight) and 189 cm tall ( think it’s 6 ”2 in USA), im training 3-4 times a week and im on a clean and good diet. Do you recommend me taking Animal cuts ? And a second question, im quite a stressed person, so can this product make things worse?

    Thx man!

    • Thanks Alex. If you are training and eating clean I highly recommend Animal Cuts if you want that extra boost for fat loss. I don’t think it will have any affects on stress but I’m not sure on that. I highly recommend you check out Relora which is a weight loss supplement that helps with stress (and stress induced eating). Hope that helps and good luck with your fat loss!

  • Sup Kevin, I got a question. If I miss to take the second dose (4-6 hours after the morning dose) is it ok to take it later? I usually wake up at 7am and take cuts inmediately and the next one around 1pm. Go to gym around 7pm. Could i take it when i get home right before gym? Thanks in advance and great review btw!!

    • Antonio, it would depend on when you go to sleep really. Because of the stimulants they recommend that you don’t take it past 5 PM I think it is. If you are waking up at 7 am I would recommend that you try to get to bed by 11 PM for optimal recovery – so taking Animal Cuts before the gym at 6:30 might be a little too late. If you have done it before and sleep fine at night then you shouldn’t have any problems, but I would try to remember to take it earlier in the day.

      • Thank you very much man. It happened to me yesterday and that’s why a asked, in case it happens again. But as you said, I slept fine and had no problems at all. That said, one more question: I’m 76kg and 176 tall. I’ve lost around 20kg(since apr 11′) but i cant get rid of my love handles. I’m currently eating clean and this is my second Cuts cycle. Any recommendation? Thanks again

  • Hi ive just ordered animal cuts today and was just wanting some advice on whether it would be possible to lower my body fat percentage from 15% to 10% for my holidays mid august. Im 5ft 10 and weigh 12 stone and was advised to start cutting around 12 weeks before I go. I intend to end my bulking phase in the next 4 weeks and start cutting then. I was planning on starting it 14 weeks before i go away as ive 2 nights out planned for birthdays etc and will be drinking on those 2 days. I go to the gym 5 times a week and have a pretty healthy diet.
    I would appreciate any advice.

    • Hey Paul, I think 2 “cycles” of Animal Cuts would be sufficient. If you start cutting 12 weeks out you can take your Animal Cuts with 7 weeks left and then 3 weeks left until vacation. The first 5 weeks you can cut without the burner, and then you have one off week in between the two cycles.

      Good Luck with whatever you choose.

  • i think i have lot of muscles and fat on my chest which looks like male breast and also leg muscles will animal cuts fat loss powder help??? Or do you suggest anything other.please reply..

    • First off these are pills and not “fat loss powder” – just to be clear.

      The supplement will help get rid of your unwanted fat, but you need to first make sure that your diet is in check and then that you have a proper weight lifting program for burning calories while maintaining muscle.

  • Hi Kevin,

    I found your site while searching for fat burners, well i am 42 years old , height 168 cm, was 94 kg 3 years back , reduced about 30 kg reached 64 kg and now have been doing workouts, gained 4 kgs, well my fat % is 11.2 , but still I have fat layered around my waist, do you suggest Animal fat for me, or any other fat burners

    I am taking protein supplemets since I am a vegetarian

    Thanks and regards

    • Hi Sreekumar, if you are healthy and looking for a fat burner Animal Cuts is usually the supplement I recommend.

  • Hi Kevin

    I am on currently Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD) and it is giving results so far (last 4 weeks). Can I combine CKD with Animal Cuts?

    I work out 5 days a week, 3 days full body workout mostly compound lifts and 2 days light cardio (I understand HIIT is not advisable on CKD). Is it okay?



    • Hi Sudhir, I am not very familiar with a CK Diet so I suggest you ask your question to someone qualified. Sorry I couldn’t help.

  • hello kavin i just started using animel cut but i never go out for jogging or anything i only go to the gym n lift wights does that work

    • Hey James, for optimal weight loss you are going to want to do some high intensity cardio work. Of course it isn’t necessary and you can burn a lot of calories with up tempo weight lifting workouts, but it will be a lot tougher to lose fat if you aren’t doing cardio. Just make sure you diet is in check (healthy foods only) and you still should notice some weight loss.

  • hi
    kevin,,,,,,,,,,,,,, am 85 kg and height 5.10 i use to go gym regularly i can see my upper body is getting good shape but i cant make my stomach lean tell me good supplements to get ripped abs

    • Hey Arvin, well you are commenting on a post about probably my favorite fat burner – give it a try. Make sure you are eating healthy and doing workouts that burn calories.

  • Hellow Kevin, I just ordered animal cuts I am curently on Assult Pre, I wake up around 6am and hit the gym around 6:45am or so5 days aweek, would it b ok if I take AC with Assult when I wake up I also take fish oil, multi vitimins? I am trying to loose my lovehandles they have minamized but having alot of trouble lossing more fat, any xercise you suggest? I lost 23lb and whant to loose another 12lb I only do cardio before I start building mass you think my stradigy is ok? If not what do you recomend? grate review mass props!!!

    • Hey Juan, I would recommend taking Animal Cuts first thing in the morning before your workout, and then starting with maybe 1/4 of a serving of Assault pre workout to begin with. If the stimulants don’t both you much you can increase the Assault serving size slowly. If the stimulants are too strong you might want to try just BCAAs and Beta Alanine as your pre-workout drink instead.

    • Roni, try to eat some food shortly after taking it. The pills won’t sit easy in an empty stomach for some.


    • Check out some articles posted here. I recommend a low carbohydrate diet, where most carbs are being eaten before and after your workout on the day. Lots of veggies.

    • I believe 18 years or older the label says. Always follow the label and get a doctor’s opinion. Weight loss ranges, but you can expect anywhere from 4-10 pounds or more if you follow a proper diet.

      • Hi..kevin. when u mean a proper diet. .wat and how exactly should it be??? Should I eat more or eat less??? Or shall I follow a normal diet? I am 169cms and 74kgs. Just started with my animal cuts 2 days bak …

  • Hey Kevin,

    I normally take NO xplode pre-workout which i know has creatine which causes your body to retain water and animal cuts makes your body not retain water. is it ok to take this on animal cuts or will it be counter productive?

    • You could get away with taking both, but I would maybe look at a pre-workout without creatine in it. I like Amino Energy which I have reviewed here. Check it out.

  • I’m 15 and 85kg at 1,73cm I want to use animal cut but scared it may stop my from growing in height I want to lose weight (fat)I gym 2hours every day with cardio I’m only eating eggs tuna chicken veggies and fruit with whey protein I know I’m too young for animal cuts but I will drink 7liters of water with it will it have an effect on my grow or on my organs ? if you never quit you never fail I always say I’m determined to lose fat and be lean

  • Hi, I’m a 29 year old female. I weigh 116 am 5’3 and have about 18% body fat. I’m trying to get down to 15%. I run about 20-30 miles a week.. Do you suggest I take this?

    • Sure if you combine it with a good meal plan and some fat burning workouts (I can already see you run, why not try some weight lifting). Again like always I recommend you check with a doctor first.

  • Hey will Animal Cuts get rid of the chest fat?? I don’t really need to lose weight other than the chest area and I’ve been trying everything and they haven’t worked.

    • It won’t target a specific area, but proper eating and training mixed with Animal Cuts should help you lower body fat % overall.

  • Hello I was just wondering… I can’t swallow any size pill ;( anyway I can crush it n eat it with apple sauce ?

    • Ah with the number of pills per serving I don’t think that would be a good idea. Have you ever tried to learn to swallow pills. Sometimes practice can help. You can sometimes swallow them in a thick shake easier… give it a try.

  • Hi, I’m wondering if i can take the powder out of the pills and mix it with some juice or water, cuz all those pills give me an acid reflux thats quite disturbing. So, I’m, just trying to find some easier way for my stomach to handle it.

    • Hey Dean, I’m not sure how that would work. I’ve never thought of that, but it’s an interesting idea. I will try and find the answer for you.

  • Hey Kevin I just took my first two packs today. I’ve been feeling a little bit dizzy all day and a bit of nauseous. Is this normal, or this is just the first couple of days? I’ve been going to the bathroom more often than ever today, am I supposed to drink lots of water while using this product or should I stop?

    • Yes continue to drink lots of water. You will be peeing often on this product with lots of water intake as it is a diuretic. Try just one pack if you are feeling dizzy or nauseous and try taking it with food and lots of water. You shouldn’t get that feeling and if you continue to you should probably stop taking Animal Cuts.

  • im planing to take only why protein amino2222 and animal cut so how can i mange them in 24hrs ? and can i just take animal cut be4 i go to the gym only on pack ?

    • Hey Aziz you can take whey protein and amino throughout the day as needed, and yes Animal Cuts is fine before the gym (test it out with moderate exercise only to begin).

  • Hey kevin.. I am taking Animal Cuts since last 3 days, but recently i started feeling very constipated. I dont wanna stop taking cuts, but i have gone through a lot last night( chronic constipation). Also i am planning to start Universal Torrent(PWO), i dont know if i should stack a PWO with cuts since a PWO seems to add water weight and cuts do the opposite. Please help me on this…

  • Hi Kevin, Kevin here.

    Just took my first batch of Animal Cuts today. You can definitely feel the burn!

    My question is about Creatine. What are your thoughts about taking it at the same time? The main reason I’m doing so is because I’m worried about losing my muscle while burning body fat. I play football and racquet sports for up to 2 hours so it has always been a problem for me.


    • Going off creatine shouldn’t affect muscle loss. Creatine is more for power and being able to bang out the extra reps that help grow muscles. I would advise to stop taking creatine when on a fat burner, and if you continue to lift weights and eat your proteins and complex carbohydrates before and after your workouts you shouldn’t have any problems keeping your new muscle gains.

  • Hi
    I just wanna noe is it good to take animal cut b4 bed
    cos i workout in the morning @ 8 i use jack 3d and am new
    for animal cut cos i wanna lose my belly fat

    • Do NOT take it before bed. It contains stimulants that will keep you up at night. If you want to use jack3d in the morning I would suggest cutting down to one pack of cuts daily and taking it 3-5 hours after your morning workout.

      • hey kevin i must say u r doing an excellent job,
        just do me a favour by answering my question. I weight 86 kg, height 5’11”,20 year old. I was 107 kg and lost 20 kg in past 4 months with a help of 2 fat burners (oxilite and one of dymatize) and a whey protein but still i have some chest and belly fat.Being an engineering student i can only do 3-4 times gym in a week. PLZ suggest me some workout and supplements.


        • Harsh, how is your diet? Are you cutting calories and eating healthy carbs, proteins and fats? Try keeping your carbs to before and after workouts, and have protein with every meal. Nutrition is the key. Other then that I would recommend making sure you are doing high tempo fat loss specific workouts when you do get time in the gym. Being a student your workouts can last 30-40 minutes and be sufficient. Hope that helps, and good luck!

          • kevin,thanks for replying.I want to ask u abt high tempo fat loss workout.
            At the present i am doing two parts on mon,wed, and one part on thus and fri ,20 min hiit cardio on remaining days in morning before breakfast.And plz mention imp supplements for me.MY GOAL IS TO HAVE 6PACK , waiting despirately.really kevin u seem like a light in darkness.

  • Hey Kevin, I just started taking animal cuts and I have noticed the caffeine pill gets me jittery. I don’t normally do caffeine on the norm so I believe that could be why. I was wondering if it would be okay to ‘take out’ some of the ingredient in the red pill and take it like that and gradually build up to the full pill or maybe exclude it all together?

    • That’s a great idea Monica. You would maybe need to buy empty capsules to put 1/2 (or whatever amount) of the red pill in and work your way up though. Excluding it all together would be your next best choice.

  • Hi Kevin
    I read your comments seems you are a helpfull guy, I’m taking Animal Cuts since a week and it make me tired,weak,fatigue burning head and sleepy i was going to stop this then i saw your blog hope i ll get some advice from you is it normal or any side effect also feeling my stomach is getting bigger since i have started this product and i do cardio 30 minutes daily and 30 minutes abbs workout

    • Hey James, those are very strange possible side effects. If that is the case I would probably stop taking it and try something else. Because of the stimulants in the supplement it is very strange it would make you tired, weak, etc. Also your stomach shouldn’t be getting bigger (mine usually gets noticeably smaller within a week if anything).

      • Hi Kevin
        Thanks for reply , if tiredness and weakness are comman symptoms then i dont want to stop ,what say? I was thinking to skip for 2 days then start it again because if these syptoms are comman then i dont want to throw this away because i want to give a final touch of my fat loosing step .I would like to hear by your side if these are just comman side effacts
        Thanks again

        • Hi Kevin
          I was waiting for your reply , you must been busy. I want to tell you after that day i have skip Animal Cut for a day only and started again a day after and now everything is fine and i can see few cuts belly seems it working i havent loss any weight yet but thats okey for me coz i was already at the end of weight loosing program now i want to start building muscels can you suggest me some good products

  • hey kevin, i m planning to take Animal cuts and within how many days i will get the results and is it safe as i am having is first time in my life as i do regular workouts

    • Zubair it will depend on how healthy you are eating and how intense your workouts are. It will also depend on your individual body. Some people will notice the difference within a week, while others it might take the full three weeks. Without very healthy eating others might not notice any difference in the week cycle. I’m not sure what you meant in the second part of your question, but if you meant that you haven’t taken them before and you were wondering if they were safe for you… please check with a doctor as I don’t want to be responsible for recommending them to anyone.

    • You should take the first package upon waking in the morning with breakfast, and the 2nd 4-5 hours later with a meal. I guess it depends on when you eat, but if you are eating smaller meals every 3 hours or so you could do take it with your 3rd meal of the day.

  • Hey Kevin,

    Good review mate!

    I was wondering if I can combine Animal Cuts and CLA together? Do you have any reviews or comment about CLA? Or would you recommend combining animal cuts with a protein supplement?

    • CLA and Animal Cuts should be fine together (always check with a doctor though). I don’t have any reviews of CLA up right now, but from what I’ve learned about it I think it is a good supplement to help accelerate fat loss. Protein supplements and Animal Cuts are fine together. I highly recommend protein supplements as a meal replacement for when you don’t have time to get a real meal in.

  • im useing cuts since 3 days 1st day was everthing ok after a day of work getting minor headaches n itz troublng ma fitness……..i stopped aftr 2nd bcoz of major headache wat shold i do to stop this even im drinkng lot of water with gud diet n perfect work out..

  • Hi kevin, i was wondering what i should do in terms of weight lifting?… I dont have time to lift but i have a very clean diet and do cardio daily (3 miles a day)… what do you recommend in terms of the gym?

    • Hey Ash, you are asking what you should do in terms of weight lifting, and then right after say you don’t have time to lift. I’m a little confused. Anyways I would substitute a few of your 3 mile per day runs for high intensity interval training (sprint for 1 minute then walk for 1 minute for a total of 20 minutes for example). If you have some time you can get a good weight lifting workout focused on fat loss in just 15 minutes. Good Luck

  • Hey Kevin, I just started to take animal cuts and after my first day I didn’t get a good night’s rest. I did not wait however before bed to take it. I took only one pack before my workout which was at 7. I had worked out around 8 till 9. I then had dinner around 10 and didn’t try to sleep till 1. I’m not sure if it was because I was excited about taking these new supplements or whatever but I couldn’t get a deep sleep. I did however go a few times but I was constantly turning and tossing. I’m also on a test booster and the brand is High T. Do you think this will have a impact on how well I rest?

    • Hey Curt, I would try taking them earlier. You don’t need to take them before you workout – take one with breakfast, and one 4-5 hours later. There is caffeine in the red pill so you could always take out that pill. Hope that helps.

  • Hey great review, I just started using animal cuts, thouhgh I felt like I have this immense power somehow, either it was psychological or it was the caffeine present in the pills. I’ve heard a lot about it and people have also regarded as pure magic. But I need to know this and I’m really confused. You mentioned in your review that takes out all the water from your muscles which makes you look slimmer. I also take creatine twice a day, which happens to fill your muscles up with water so by using them both am I cancelling the effect? And I’m taking a pre workout(NO XPLODE) as well, and recently I had a bad experience, I felt really dizzy and was about to vomit, I recon this was because I took both of them together. So is normal or I chould cut out on any of those supplements while I’m using cuts?
    please help out with this

    • I would not be mixing Animal Cuts with either Creatine or NO Xplode Raza. Those two supplements are more for building muscle or gaining weight. They don’t mix at all with a fat burner (which is why you felt sick and dizzy).

  • hi kevin this is harsh here .i dont know why u dont replied my previous question,well i am sorry for any issues but plz answer my this question if it is possible. i want to ask do we regain the fat again after leaving the fat burner and also get unenegised too?i want to loose 20 pounds for my ideal weight .can i use animal cut?
    thank you

    • Hey Harsh, sorry I missed your second questions before (didn’t see it). Your workout routine sounds good, the most important part is making sure you are eating extremely healthy (lots of protein and vegetables, healthy carbs, and healthy fats).

      You shouldn’t re-gain the fat once it is off unless you start eating unhealthy and stop working out. Continue eating well and going to the gym and you will keep your new body! You won’t be as energized when stopping the pills as there is caffeine in them, but you could always use a supplement like “Amino Energy” that provides you with energy + BCAAs.

      20 pounds is a lot to lose, but if you have a high body fat % it is very do-able. Good luck.

  • Hey, I just bought the NO extreme creatine free workout and 100 percent gold standard protein egg, and was wondering if these Animal Cuts are something worth investing into. I was concerned when you noted that it gives you a really bad hangover because as a college kid that plays football, I am quite the heavy drinker at times. I was wondering if these will tear or deteriorate my muscle mass if I drink once or twice a week?

    • Don’t get me wrong the hangover is from the drinking, but this will just make the hangover a little worse I’ve found. If you are a heavy drinker there is no point in taking a fat burner anyways, so I’d advise against it. My recommendation is to focus more on clean eating and cutting out some drinking during the week if you are serious about football. Cheers and good luck!

  • Hey Kevin,
    Just read your post about this as i’ve been googling animal cuts all day. I used Muscle-pharm shred matrix before and dried out a fair amount (I’ve been training heavily for the last 2 years and dropped 92 lbs (41.5kg about) from 128-9kg to 88-9kg [i’m 6’3 and 22 years old] (with muscle gain) and am now at a stage where i’ve cleaned up my diet immensely, am counting macros (220grams protein etc etc) and got a tub of animal cuts (upon recommendation) without little research into it. I’ve used a fair few pre workouts like napalm, jack3d, c4, and am rather stim desensitised I’d say (Seeing i need to double scoop any pre workout now).

    Point being, took animal cuts today for the first time, all 9 + had my usually BCAAs during the workout and creatine with my protein shake pre workout (no pre workout energy sups seeing as I saw i shouldn’t mix cuts with any other caffeine products). But since taking the 2nd packet today, i’ve been experiencing some serious chest pressure and uneasiness in the centre of my chest, i’ve got a theory that it might be my new diet (im eating a lot more than i’m used to) but also maybe something to do with the cuts? And ideas?

    • Hey James, unfortunately I don’t have any idea of what that would be. Sometimes when I’ve taken the pills without something to eat I get a bit of a burning sensation in my stomach or chest area. So maybe that is what you are experiencing. Anyways the best thing to do is see the doctor in case it is something serious (whether it is related to this or not). Good luck

  • when should i take animal cuts during my day:
    5-530 am run
    6-630 breakfast
    8-830 meal replacement shale
    11-1130 lunch
    2-230 another little protein snake
    5-530 dinner
    6-7 gym
    9-930 protein shake
    run after
    i have a full schedual i eat a good diet, i drink alot of water through the day. i highly active. that is my daily work out plan same on off days just no gym and i proably run around 6-7 instead of working out. im 5’7 160 i have muscle but its coverd by my fat im at lest 15% body fat. just looking for a boost.

    • Animal Pack or Animal Cuts? There is a difference. If you’re talking about Cuts – I haven’t heard about itchy skin, but it could be the caffeine, maybe?

  • hi
    my wight is 110 kg , if i take this type of supplement , can give me benefit to lose my fat approximation 15 kg per 45 days , and i can building a muscle with taken this animal cut ….

  • Hi Kevin

    I would like to know would you recommend ANIMAL CUTS while on weight training , i go do some cardio in the morning before i eat and then doe weight training like doing chest and abs together and biceps triceps and abs ext in the evening i am currently using ANIMAL M STAK but rely need to lose weight so thinking of moving to CUTS ?

    • Yeah Animal M Stak is more for building muscle and gaining weight. If your goal is to lose fat I would make the switch to Cuts.

  • I am 17 yrs old and weight about 155lbs, should i take Animal Cuts? If so, do i still take 2 paks a day? do i workout before and after taking the pills? I need tips or steps!! thank you!

    • At 17 I wouldn’t be taking Animal Cuts. And if you weight 155 pounds I’m not sure why you would want to lose weight. Stick to eating healthy and working hard in the gym.

  • So I’m planning on taking my first cycle of this in the summer.. Would it hurt to take the animal pak as well as the animal cuts, mixmaster Kevin?

  • Hi Kevin i’am 44 years old and i used to weight 330 pounds. Now I weight 225 pounds and i have a lot of excess belly fat. Can Animal cut help me get rid of this loss skin around my lower stomch , or should I just stay on my clean Diet and keep working hard at it? I workout five days a week for two too three hours sometime six days. All I take is a pre workout before (Amino energy), and a protien isolate after (Proto whey 100 % hydrolyzed).

    • Hi Dee, you should be fine with just the very clean diet, amino energy, and whey protein. I would also recommend some carbs after your workout (but not many carbs throughout the day other than the post workout).

      You shouldn’t have to be working out 2-3 hours. If you are working hard enough you should only be able to last 40-90 minutes with your workouts. Good luck.

  • I would try taking the pills with your banana. Maybe bump that up to 2 bananas. Then see how your body responds to that. If it isn’t enough food with the pack of pills then I would take it afterwards with the post workout meal. Let me know how it goes

    • Hi Sam, you can’t expect much weight loss in 4-5 days. Animal Cuts is a 3 week “cycle” so continue on with it and I think you will notice some fat loss. Just be sure to eat heathy during the 3 weeks.

      • How much time it takes to show results i want to lose 20-25 KG weight
        My Trainer says many people lost more than 30KG with this in 2-3 weeks is that true ??

        • I would say that some people could lose 20-30 LBS using Animal Cuts, working out hard, and eating extremely healthy if they had a lot of weight to lose. The average person could expect to lose about 5-15 pounds over the 3 weeks.

          • My weight is 124 KG i have lost more than 25 Kg with gym But now i wana lose 24 KG weight What should i do ??? should i continue this product ?

  • Hi, Kevin I am hoping to lose fat but at the same time gain muscle, I’m already athletic build but I need to tone up without necessarily looking smaller than I physically appear therefore I was planning to take animal cut together with whey protein, so my question is, will this work out or do you have other better recommendations and if I am to take the supplements should it be before or after work out?

    • You will have troubles trying to gain a lot of muscle while losing fat, so what I suggest is you focus on losing your body fat while maintaining muscle. This way you may even add a tiny bit of muscle and the loss of the body fat will give you a more athletic look. And from there you can add muscle later at a slower pace to avoid fat gain. Whey protein should be in your daily diet whether you are trying to lose fat or not, so that is recommended after your workouts with some carbs. Animal Cuts can be taken twice per day as the container says. Good luck.

  • Hey kevin I just started animal cuts and animal pak today I took the first one at 3 am cuz I go to work I’m gonna take the other one 6 hours later but I was wondering good I go longer than the 6 hours it says like at 5pm before I work out and I have a prework out warpath u do u think that’s to much or what’s y our advise

    • I’m not sure your exact schedule. I would take one when you wake up and then 5-6 hours later and not within 5 hours of when you’re trying to sleep.

  • hi kevin …i would like to know if i can take Gold Standard 100% Whey protein with animal cuts ?..and if yes,which one to drink first after a workout ?…also after workin out and drinkin whey i still feel tired..what your advice…

    • Yeah of course. Well Animal Cuts isn’t a drink they are pills. The can they come in will tell you when to take them, and you can take them with a whey protein shake if you like (I often do that). You are saying you feel tired after drinking Whey, but whey is just protein it isn’t meant to give you instant energy. Make sure you are getting carbs in immediately after your workout with your whey – that should help with energy levels as it wil replenish your glycogen.

  • Hi Kevin I am 16 years old. 5’4 140lbs. I have muscle but i want to lose the fat around my midsection. I have a healthy diet, Would you recommend Animal Cuts?

    • At 16 years old – No I wouldn’t. Keep training hard with high intensity interval cardio workouts to go along with the weight lifting. Are you sure you are eating a healthy diet? See if you can improve your diet at all (eliminate simple carbs, etc).

  • Hi Kevin, I am currently taking animal cuts. After meal, I will feel hungry. I am afraid will it cut my muscle?

    • If you are eating properly to maintain muscle you shouldn’t have much to worry about. But if you are really scared of losing muscle a fat loss pill isn’t the best idea anyways.

  • hi kevin! i read many rewies and yours is very good.. i just wonna ask u one-two Q
    i make training every day from mon-fri and weekend is free.. do i need to take cuts even when i dont go to gym? and can u tell me something about animal nitro? i thinking of add that whit cuts… tanks !

    • I would be taking it 7 days per week yes. I think the company recommends Nitro and Cuts together but check their website.

  • Hi Kevin ,
    Just wanted to ask you , I actually don’t have fat but I want my body to get ripped , do you suggest animal cuts for this?

  • Hey Kevin. I appreciate the review. Very well done. I bought the cuts pack and they’re currently being shipped. I was curious however because I’ve read a few other reviews that say not to do any strenuous cardio with the pack. I really enjoy cardio and was wondering your opinion on that?

    • If you are bothered by the stimulants it might make you feel sick doing high intensity cardio. With that said I am still able to do high intensity training while taking Cuts.

  • I just wanted to tell you that I agree with your review. Due to a back injury, gym isn’t an option anymore, so the most excercise I do is taking a shower. Without the gym, I lost most of my muscle mass and packed on the pounds. I started using animal cuts again because it seemed like the only alternative. I’ve lost 12 pounds after 1.5 cans. I don’t know if my scale is broken but it actaully says I’ve increased the percentage of water in my body.
    Either way, I didn’t expect such results with gym being out of the picture but I am happy it’s working. Only problem now is all the skin.
    In terms of side effects, I havent had anything too bad. Sometimes I get dizzy (that just means you are not drinking enough water). Important note, if you are sensitive to caffeine, be careful. Some people get jittery when taking it. I lived off Red Bull while in college so taking these was a piece of cake.

  • hello,my name is emad and i workout from past 3 years.
    i have started herbalife diet 69 days ago and i have lost 10.7 kgs.
    no doubt the products are good but i want more muscularity and veins,
    i have pluffy and fatty look on my muscles,i want ripped and define muscles with veins,
    so,one of my gym mate told me about animal cut fat burner and i have seen the reviews……they all say its gr8…..can i take this along with my low calorie herbalife daily calorie consumption is 1800-2000…….which includes 5 egg whites,wheat based indian bread(without oil),vegetables and watery fruits,herbalife afresh,herbalife cell-u-loss,and herbalife formula one(f1) and herbalife protien powder(ppp)…….can i take animal cut?
    if yes,how?
    plz help

    • Yes that should be fine. Not sure what you mean by “how?” – You just need to order it and follow the instructions.

  • Hi – I have been working out for a few months now and take C4 pre workout. It helps a lot and gives me the boost I need. I am not fat, but want to lose fat. I would like to take Animal Paks, but not sure if the pre workout and fat loss product would be too much on my systems (too many stims). What is your opinion. If you think its too much, would you recommend another product? Also, whats your take on testoterone boosters and what do they really do? Im 41 years old.

    Thank you –

    • Hi Angelo, you can always take out the red pill I believe it is (a quick google search will confirm) from the Animal Cuts to eliminate too many stims. Or you could work the Animal Cuts around your pre workout. Testosterone boosters can help create an environment within you body that will allow for better muscle growth, fat loss, etc. It is something to look at. I’m currently taking Animal M-Test.

  • Kevin,
    Thank you kindly for this awesome post! I wanted to ask if you have experimented with any other Animal products? I am looking at taking a stack of Animal Cuts and Animal Pak… Any opinion on stacking multiple animal products. I have also looked into Animal Flex which I may work into my routine further down the line for joint support? Any advice would be more then helpful! Thank you kindly.

    • Hi Robin, I’ve just finished a can of Animal Cuts with Animal Pak as well. A multi vitamin is recommended throughout the entire year, so stacking Animal Cuts and Pak would be perfect. I haven’t used Animal Flex, but I know that they have recommended stacks (check their website) and Flex would definitely be able to be used with Cuts and Pak.

  • Kevin,

    I workout early in the morning (6:45) and I take animal pump before I workout. Is it safe to take Cuts and Pump early in the morning together? I am 20 years old, college football player.



    • Hi Phil, I would wait a few hours (maybe an hour after your workout) to take the first pack of Cuts.

  • I started taking animal cuts this week and I am on my second day. I workout and run five days a week. I have never taken any type of supplements before and when given to much caffeine I usually tend to get the jitters and shake pretty bad. Yesterday I noticed an increase of energy with the first pack but felt fine. The seoncd pack made me in a haze though. I felt as if I were high the rest of the afternoon and very light headed throughout my workout. This didnt seem to go away until after I drank a Gatorade and ate dinner. Later that night I couldnt sleep to save my life. I am a teacher and wake up at 5:15 every morning, I need my sleep and usually I have no problem sleeping. Do these side effects go away?

    • Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? You need to really up water intake with this type of supplement, as you should anyways especially if you are active. I noticed you said you drank a gatorade – try to stick to only water. I also recommend trying to take out the red pill in your second pack for the day and you should sleep fine, as that is the pill with the stimulants in it. Let us know how it goes for you.

  • I was wondering if I could take Animal Cuts (twice per day) along with Universal Max Protein (contains little dosage of creatine) thanks!!

    • Hi Ty, I don’t see a problem with that at all. I’ve taken Animal Cuts with Monster Milk before and have seen no negative side effects from the small amount of creatine. If you are really trying to lean out you may want to try a 100% whey protein though.

  • This is my second day taking Animal Cut, and my tummy felt abit bloated(wield feeling) but it goes off before my workout at night.
    I took my first 9pills early morning with breakfast and my second 9pills around 1pm. I used to take pre workout C4/Jac3D/1mR around 3pm.
    So my question is Can I take C4 Extreme pre workout with Animal cut?

    • First I always recommend checking with a doctor. And after that it would depend if your body can handle the stimulants. For some that would be too many stimulants, but others would be able to handle it fine.

  • What up bro, I am 20 years old, 5 foot 6, 148 pounds. I am trying to lose a little bit of fat on my stomach and sides to make my 6 pac show without flexing. besides my stomach and sides I have a very muscular build. I am a Marine currently stationed in Okinawa Japan. I have a couple questions. Due to the irregular hours and the possible inconsistency of working out. Will I still be able to see some results from this? As a unit we PT for maybe 45-60 minutes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I also hit the gym on those days for about 90 to 120 minutes if my work schedule allows it. Also, being in Japan, it is very humid and hot here and I sweat a lot as it already stands, will this boost the effect of the thermogenic compounds in this product? Another question is, is due to the fact that we PT at 0400 every other morning, I wont take the pills right before PT because it will upset my stomach if I dont eat. So am I losing the effectiveness of it if I take it immediately AFTER pt? It would be greatly appreciated if you could get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you and have a great day.

    • Hey Tony, first of all good work with what you’re doing. You are putting in a LOT of time into your training and you may want to look at your eating. Is there any processed foods you can cut out? Are you eating a lot of lean proteins and vegetables? Taking the pills after your workout shouldn’t be a big deal, you will just lose the effect of the energy boost you get for your workouts.

      • I get three meals a day at the chow hall. I try and eat foods that are high in protein and I eat alot of salad. Maybe not so much lean protein like steak and chicken beacuse they dont really offer just that. That might be where the problem is. I try and eat the grilled chicken when they have it beacuse it is the least fatty and greasy but with that being the meals they offer us I dont really have much of a choice. At home I try and alot of tuna and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as well fruits and rice and baked chicken but I cant guarantee to eat healthy like that all the time. Ive even tried skipping a meal or two when I have to eat something that is really high in calories and fats to make up for it. Its really hard to lose this little bit of fat on my stomach and sides. I really want to slim it down before I go home and see my fiance’ in July.

  • Greetings,
    This is Raj for you from India. I am planning for ANIMAL CUTS RIPPED. My height is 178 and Weight is 82kgs. I am doing exercise since 5years, I had tried Hydroxy cut 2 years back and gave me the best result; after that I took Twin lab whey protein, I was looking more sculpted. Now i have started my exercise again and now i had gained some water fat in my tummy, lats and some loose fat in my lower chest. I started my diet with (Daily food menu- 10 egg whites, banana, cornflakes, oats, vegetables, and some time barbeque chicken) Exercise plan (Regular dumbbell workout for body, plus cardio for 30mits of cycle and 20 min of walking). I train all my muscles twice in a week. Now i got a personal trainer( he was a state body builder champion from my home town). He suggested me for ANIMAL CUTS RIPPED + Omega capsules for joints + Low carb whey + highly nutritious food diet. Will this make me ripped and look more greatful. Pls suggest me.

  • Hey! Great review! I am on my third day of taking animal cuts I took two packs on day one and reduced down for day 2 and 3. However yesterday morning (day2) after taking my first pack on an empty stomach I threw up within the hour. Could this be from the animal cuts? Many thanks!!

    • It is possible, although I’ve never heard of that before. Try taking it with food and lots of water. If it is upsetting your stomach you may have to try something else like OxyElite Pro.

  • kevin, i found your review on animal cuts extremely useful….can you tell me this Animal cuts which is 3 weeks long period schedule…how many times in a year do i have to use Animal cuts for 3 week …do i have to use this cycle in every 6 months or once in a year and secondly can i take only one pack everyday before hitting gym (as swallowing too many capsules twice a day makes me discomfort)..will i get the same results in 6 weeks (as taking one pack gets results in 3 weeks) …and do i ahve to take Circuit training or weight training exercises with it

    • There isn’t any information on how often you can take Animal Cuts, but I do recommend about a month or two off after each “cycle”. You can take one pack per day, but you may not see as good of results in as quick of a time frame. Give it a go though. Yes you will need to do some kind of weight training for maximum fat loss.

  • hey i got started to get animal cut supplement before three days and now i have big pain in ma body so can any one tl me is it nomal or somethng gonna wrong???????

  • What happens if I didn’t drink lots of water while taking animal cuts ? Will it be dangerous for my heart ?

    • I’m not sure if it will be dangerous for your heart or not. I just know that it isn’t good to be dehydrated on fat loss pills. Why don’t you just make sure you are drinking enough water? It does wonders for the body and fat loss.

  • Hi Kevin,

    I’m wondering, can I work out on empty stomach using just Animal Cuts?
    Example: Wake up 7am + Animal cuts, 7.30 work out, 9.00 Breakfast
    Would Animal Cuts gives me the energy to lift + cardio?


  • I do my workout 6days a week.i just finished MP Assult which gave energy for intence workout.i dont take breakfast i take lunch at 2pm then MP Assult at 3pm nd leave for can i stick to the same routine with Animal cuts…..(no MP Aussult).for example Animal cuts on empty stomach and then meal at 2pm then Animal cuts at 3pm then gym. Waiting for an advice

  • Kevin , i am 19 years old about 179cm height and weight about 95kg. I just need to drop some weight . Not alot. I do not hit the gym. I just eat healthy and do cardio 6 times a week. Is it okay taking animal cuts without doing gym ?

    • Not really directly, but it may cause you to eat less. Just make sure you’re eating enough proteins and healthy fats.

  • Hi Kevin, I am about to start animal cuts tomorrow morning and am just curious about how it will react the the other supplements I am taking. I take aminocore BCAA’s during my workouts, “itworks greens” every morning, trib x90 test boost every morning, and 1 MR pre workout. I am thinking of stopping the pre workout for sure with all of the caffeine in animal cuts but more curious about the BCAA’s and test boost. Also, should I be taking BCAA’s before my workouts or during? Lastly, I sometimes take a sleep aid prior to bed to help sleep obviously so wondering if that’s alright to take during my cycle. Thanks a lot man!

    • It should be fine with everything, except I would stop 1 MR. BCAAs during. I’m not familiar with sleep aids. Good luck!

  • hello Kevin, i just start animal cuts, along with i am taking glutamine,arginine,DHEA, and GNC multi mega multivitamins can i continue this combination, i am not favor in protein, becoz when ever i use protein its bulk me up, last year i use LIPO6 black and i reduce 12 kg weight, this time i first time use this fat burner i hope it will work, any suggestion from side most value able for me.

  • Hi Kevin, I am a 5″8 female and weigh 73kg I had a baby a year ago and have lost 3 stone since but I would like to go back to my pre pregnancy size of 67kg I have been working out 6 days a week as well as a good diet but am struggling to lose the last bit of weight I have never taken any weight loss supplements before would you recommend animal cuts? Also does it need to be 2 packs a day.

  • I’ve purchased this product, im on my second day.. i dont recomend it, i feel like im on extasy or something .. makes me feel nauseous and makes me shake for no apparent reason .. it might work but at high risk on your health.. i think im just going to throw it away and continue eating healthy and working out ..

  • I’m 16 years old and I’m really a bit overweight and I wanna start using animal cuts? I have lots of doubts but would you please give my some advice ? Wil it help losing weight?

    • At 16 years old I wouldn’t recommend resorting to a supplement. I’m sure your diet can be tuned up quite a bit to lose fat quickly.

  • Hi! Great post!
    I am 87kg for 171cm. I wake up at 5am daily, and go to gym at 17h30 5days a week.
    Can you let me know what time should I be taking the pills and why at those times if you know? Also I bought protein shakes, when should I be taking it?
    Can you please suggest where can i find dieting tips as well?
    Many thanks.

    • I’ve talked about times to take it above. Protein shakes in the morning and after workout with a carb shake is best. Some dieting tips can be found on my website here.

  • i hve 23 yrs and 136 pounds,i started using animal cuts and curious to know do i have to cardio or to work out for optimum results,and i can’t figure out any changes in the first week since using it.(my goal is to lose belly fat)

    • Yes you will need to workout… it isn’t a special pill that does all of the work for you. Try eating healthier (see tips above).

  • Kevin,
    I am about to start animal cuts, i also use Bullet Proof and Amino recovery when off Bullet, I use Muscle Milk Protein powder and fish oil. Is there anything else i should try. I am looking to drop 15 pounds during the last 3 months of my deployment. FYI I am 34 6’6″ and around 235-240.

  • This is a great review, I was just wondering how much results can I expect from this, I’ve been bulking up the past few months an already have a visable 6 PAC, and I’ve just started a little to no carb diet while taking the animal cuts and in just curious as to know will I get the ripped results I’m looking for and have u any tips to help me along the way please would be much appreciated.

  • Hey quick question, I’ve been digging through sites trying to find a solid answer but I just can’t seem to find one. I’m a girl, I’ll be 20 in 4 months, my weight fluctuates between 120 and 128, I’m a vegetarian as of 2 weeks ago with a pretty strict low carb diet and I get in at least 30 minutes of cardio a day – an hour of cardio and an hour of moderate weight lifting. I just took my first pack of Cuts this morning on and empty stomach and I can’t handle it, but hopefully you can get back to my question in time, would you recommend me taking a second pack or would 1 pack and Cardio Cuts pre-workout before my second gym session later around 7. I have fat that I’m trying to shed over my abs and really trying to tone up within the next two weeks for this event. I really want to see results and I would just like some advice on my particular situation, also your take on whether I should hope off the vegetarian diet while doing these supplements. Thanks!

    • Try cutting your cardio down to 25 minutes and do interval training, instead of long slow cardio. Try doing weight lifting for 30 minute intense sessions with little rest, high reps. If you can’t handle 1 pack I wouldn’t recommend taking another. Also I’m not really familiar with vegetarian diets, sorry. Good luck Ashley 🙂

  • hello, i,m 23 years old my height is 5′,9″ an my weight 185.91 pounds . I’m about to start taking animal cut but i’m quite nervious. I have fat issue since childhood & despite of doing heavy work out my body remain soft, enhancing chest & belly makes my life difficult. so for all those problem should i take animal cut ?, please give me diet routine
    I hope if u give me feedback that will change my life

  • Hey Kevin,
    I am a 20 year old female and my trainer just got me the Animal Cuts pack. The reviews seem pretty good with not many intense side effects but the package itself has a warning that states that this supplement contains a substance that causes birth defects or other reproductive harm. I am really concerned after reading this and am not at comfortable with starting it now. What do you know about this side effect? It is not an online review but something that is written on the pack itself and thus i am really concerned. I’m just 20 and single, got my entire life ahead of me. i dont want any permanent damages to my future by simply trying to change my present which i can do even without taking pills only with a little extra effort. I am 5’2 and weigh 75 killos.

  • sup Kevin…I’m currently on Animal Cuts and but I’ve been realizing it’s makes me hungry as hell…I then eat alot more than I used to before I was taking the cuts.Is this a bad sign or what?Although I’ve been eating alot more I’m still eating healthy…my snacks consist of yogurt,bananas,strawberries,almonds and peaches.Is the increase in my diet good or bad? thanks mate.

    • Hi Ruan, I would cut down on the fruits and eat more veggies and proteins. Also Animal Cuts should make you less hungry if anything – strange.

  • Hi, i start using animal pack for 2 days but after second pack i feel little dizzy and sick. What should i do? Also i drink lots of water. Thank.

  • hi kevin
    would you recommend this product to people younger than 18 ?
    if I decide to take this do you think it will effect my sport ?
    I just want to lose a little bit of weight …. i dont want to look like a bodybuilder
    thank you

  • Hi Chief. I’m taking cuts for the 6th straight day and lost around 3 pounds, But it not seens that I lost that much, and people usually lost more than that. This is my first time. But I’m drinking around 1 gallon of water since people say that I need to drink more than usual. Is that really? Because I usually drink even if I not thirst. And doing whey with high calories once a day. Thats ok too? My diet is doing in most of the time with protein bar only with fruit and for lunch, chicken, rice, beans and lots of veggie. My goal is get a great abs and lost bely fat. What should I do with the water and food, because I feeling tired, I workout at 6 am every moring, take cuts 5:30 am and 11 am. Thx in advance.

    • Hi Ivan, it looks like you’re on the right track. Substitute your protein bar and fruit for some meats, veggies and nuts. Drink lots of water (even if you don’t feel thirsty).

  • Dear Kevin ,

    thank you for your blog , very interesting ..
    i am 190 cm with 84 kgs weight , i am not really much a body builder yet i go to gym couple times a week , i do play tennis and work out on treadmill almost on daily basis but all my workout is of light workout .
    i just received a package of animal cut along with proteins and creatine jars … i do want to lose fat as much as possible , however , i am not sure how to use these supplements . could you please advice on how to use the Animal cuts and whether i should be working out on daily basis ? time to take the pills morning – night before or after food !!
    note that i am on healthy diet ( no coffee , no fried food , no soft drink , no food late night … ) for me this is healthy diet .
    please i would be very grateful to hear from you concerning the above .


    • Hey Wally, it should say on the package when to take the pills. Early morning and afternoon. Protein can be taken first thing in the morning, and immediately after a workout. And creatine (5 grams) can go with the protein after a workout, and in the morning on non-workout days. Good luck

  • Hi kevin, thanks for the review. great article. whats the best protein powder you advise me to take alongside animal cuts? thanks

  • i wake up @ 8 am and go to the gym @9 am so who can i use it ??
    is it ok to take it on an empty stomach then work out then take the breakfast then take the another pack @ luch around 5 pm ????

  • Hi,
    I want to know can I use animal stak and cuts together.
    What should be dosage?
    I am 5’11 with 90kg weight.
    Will only one pack of cuts will be fine in a day??
    Please give your valuable suggestion..

  • Hey guys, a quick question i workout 5 days per week, so what about the two remaining days ? should i take the packs even when am off that day ?

  • Hi ,
    I ordered animal today and should get it by tomorrow ! Im working overnight from 10 pm to 7 am and go straight to the gym at 8am or before work at 8pm . What time is the best for me to take the pills ? I only eat between 8pm and 7am so 1 healthy meal and 1 snack ! I have to take it twice a day ! Pls help me and tell me which time is the best? I need to loose 1 stone ! Thanks

    • It may lose a bit of effectiveness (that’s why the pill is in there after all). But if you can’t handle the stims there is no way around it really.

  • hey kevin, great review and im on my second day of cuts, my diet consists of veggies proteins and nuts, also im in the gym about 5 days a week lifting, cardio included in three of those days. I guess my question would be is it ok to wait a little bit longer to take my second pack because with work and school I dont hit the gym till about 1030 Pm. Im 6 foot and 265, what should I be realistically looking to loose fat wise?

    • Yeah no problem with the second pack. At 6 feet I’m sure you can get down to a healthy 200-220 pounds eventually. Animal Cuts won’t help you lose all of that weight, but it can help speed up the process. Remember healthy eating is the main thing. Good luck!

  • Hi kevin .. great tips tho 🙂
    I start taking animal cut today … and im on vocation for two month so I can go to gym anytime I want .. whats the perfect tips u offer for me

  • What’s up Kevin I’m more into gaining weight and muscle mass, but at the same time I wanna be a bit toned and defined. My question to you is would you reccomend taking this product if you were trying to gain just muscle mass but look good at the same time? Also would you elaborate on how you take it as far as what time and with or without food,before workouts or after?

    • Hey Dave read the article for that stuff, and if your main goal is gaining muscle mass I wouldn’t run this supplement. But you can gain muscle while on it.

  • Nice review.

    I started using this today and I only took two packs as prescribed on the bottle.

    Question 1: I feel like my stomach is burning. Is it normal? How long will it last.

    Question 2: I have been following keto diet with lactic acid traning for 3 months now and hit plateu levels that I wasn’t progressing further from past 1 month. Lost about 13 kgs though. Will it help me break my plateu levels?

  • Hello kevin , my friend recommend me animal cuts and he told me not to eat fried things , anything contains sugar or salt, he said it will affect my health. Is it true?

  • Hi,
    I started taking animal cuts for fat burn, I was wondering if I shud take my stak even on my rest day? And another thing, I take my first pak at wen I wake up at 9 am and the 2nd at 6:30 pm before I go to the gym and 7:30 is it okay that the difference is more than 4 -6 hours?

  • Hi Kevin,I have a fight coming up and I need to drop about 4 kgs in 4 weeks I do 4, 3hour intense cardio sessions a week I don’t do weight training I eat pretty well @the moment I’m 85kg need to get to 81 will animal cuts benefit me in any way

    • Yes Animal Cuts will help you cut weight along side a clean low carb diet. Good luck with your fight Paul!

  • Hey Kevin, I just started Animal Cuts and have noticed a racing kind of excitement and shortness of breathe even after sitting down and relaxing after working out. Could this be the caffeine? Can this product also cause a heart attack, for a younger male. I take jogs, bike, and just don’t want to get my heart rate to high or have a heart attack. Thank you!!!

    • Devin, I don’t think it would cause a heart attack unless you have some medical conditions. The excitement is probably the stimulants – try taking out the red pill and see if that helps.

  • Hi Kevin!
    Thanks for the such review my age is 31 current weight is 81 kgs height is 176cms as per my bmi my max weight should be 78.4 kgs and i lost 15 kgs of weight in past 5 months without any supplement last night i bought animals cuts i have few things to ask before i start taking the supplement my current fat % is 18.6 i need to between 10 to 12 will this product help me to achieve that my current calories intake is around 1300 hundreds whic includes 70% of chicken breast and white eggs and i burn around 1000 on cardio treadmill cross trainer cycle and 20 mints aerobics the reason i bought this product is my weight is stuck at 81 from Past 2 weeks with same diet and same workout the store guy told me to take only 1 pack per day empty stomach dont go for 2 as you are not that fatty guy a more what you suggest mate about diet workout and of course how many packs shell i take per day and with my diet and workout how many kgs of fat burning i can expect with one bottle! Thanks

    • Food rotation is important, so having 70% of your diet chicken and egg whites isn’t good. I like doing 2 packs per day, but you can start with 1 and see where that gets you. Good luck.

  • I go to the gym at 11 pm I take the 1st pack at 12 the next at 5 u think that’s ok also I only take the red pill in the second pak jus wondering any suggestions to add on to that

  • Hi, I have heard a lot of reviews about Animal Cuts & have decided to start using this product. I workout early in the morning at 5 AM for 5-6 days/week (mostly weight training) & Currently I am using VPX Friction as a Pre-workout along with a post workout Mass gainer. And after the breakfast (8 AM) at around 10 AM I take 1 pack of Animal PAK.
    My query is what would be the right time for me to take the Animal CUTS & how many packs am I supposed to take it daily ? Please advice

    • Hi Suhas, the package says two daily and you want to spread them out probably 4-5 hours. In your case I would take the first at 9am and the second at maybe 1-2 pm.

      • Thanks a lot, Kevin ! Shall I take the 1st pack right after breakfast (coz the box says it has to be taken on an empty stomach) & the 2nd one after lunch as I have my lunch normally at around 12:45 PM ?
        Or would you recommend me to take both the packs before I start eating either of my meals ?

  • Hi Kevin.. Quick question.. Can i take Musclepharm’s iron pump or assault before i workout then take mutant whey after work out while im on Animal Cuts?n

    • Hey Norman, the whey is definitely OK, but I wouldn’t be taking Iron Pump or Assault which are both stimulants as well. A package or Animal Cuts sometime close to to pre-workout should be enough.

  • I’m a little lady, 17.. 5’3″ and 125. I’ve recently lost 30 pounds from eating clean and working out. But I’m trying to cut down on my stomach fat being it’s the only real problem. I do 30-45 mins of cardio everyday, along with weights and aerobics. Strict diet with one cheat night a week. GNC’s iso-define is my typical breakfast, or oatmeal with black coffee. Just began animal pak last week.. And I heard it helps cut and lean you out in combine with Cuts. Wondering if it would be a good product for someone like me?

    • Yes Animal Pak is simply a multi vitamin (a high quality multi). Everyone should be taking a good multi vitamin!

  • Dear kevin,

    8 year ago i’m a good athlete and have slim body but in these days, i dont have time to work out in evening only had 1 hr in morning and day by day im going lazy and fatty, all the day I’m eat and just work on my laptop so how could i manage my deit and exercise.

    Please advice what should i do to back in shape.


    • It all comes down to self control Usman. I don’t believe in a second that any one doesn’t have time to workout. Everyone can make time for a 30 minute workout on most days. You said you have 1 hour in the morning – why not workout then?

  • Hi
    I am using Animal cut from last 2 weeks and yes i am satisfied.
    Actually i am taking only 1 pack a day that also pre-workout 30 mints before, and after exercise i take Whey Gold Standard protein. am i doing right way??????

  • Hi kevin

    I have used animal cuts and am waindering if i need to leave it for
    A week before i do the next cycle? I know it says you should but i am pressed for time nd really need to lose the last 5kg.

  • what is the best way to take Animal cuts if I workout around 6 AM to 7:30 AM ?
    please give me best answer as soon as possible

  • Hi Kevin, Can you please tell me how can i use these pills , how many hours before workout and on empty stomach or full stomach. And for best results how much time i will do cardio and how much time weight lifting. Please let me know. And suppose i am doing workout only five days a week on the other 2 days ( on which i am not doing workout) i will also take these pills or no. Thanks waiting for your answer.

  • Hey Kevin,
    This is my first day on animal cuts. I drink plenty of water and count my calories. I’m 6 ‘ 1 and weigh about 280. I think is time to try something for my weight loss. I work from 5pm to 5am so I don’t get any breakfast or time to work-out but I do walk alot here at work as a supervisor and I do some push-ups and sit-ups. My question is you think these pills will work on me with my schedule and one pack a day.

  • Hi Kevin,
    Wondering about when to take my 1st pack. I norm get up at 6am to teach a class and then do fasted cardio after fr 30mins. Shud I take the pack when I get up or when I have my breakfast. Also do u havta take the 2 packs?

    Thankd 🙂

  • Hello, i wanted to ask about this product. I’m relatively skinny (upper body) and i have annoying stubborn fat around my thighs/hips. I work out around 9:00 pm and can’t workout before that. Caffeine really affects me and i tried but i couldn’t sleep at all. I want to try taking only one pack in the morning, since i don’t want to lose too much weight.. only to cut around my tummy and thighs (im 172 cm and weigh 57 kilograms).. or should i take it before my workout.. or should i take the red pill in the morning and the rest before my workout?

  • If i take animal cut but only do cardio and body weights running and sit up and push up no gym would it still for for me im 5″11 and weigh about 215lbs

  • Hii
    This is gurpreet.i am 26 years old with 160 height and 72 kgs.i really want to loose my wait but because i m working lady can’t have time to go gym i read about animal cut pack .earlier i didnot use any weight loss supplements .please let me know can u take these pils or not. Waiting for ur answer

  • Hii
    This is preet.i m 26 yrsold with 72 kgs weight and160 height . i want to shed 15 kgs .somewhere i heard about this product.i want to use this but i m afraid of because i donot go to gym and earlier i didn’t use any weight loss supplement.this is my first time .so pls recommend me can i use it or not.waiting for ur answer.thnx.

  • Hi
    I’m (177 cm height), (75 kg weight), (BMI 23.9), (PBF 23.1) and (SLM 53.3) I’m on low carb diet and go to gym 4 times per week (20 minutes HIT and 90 minutes weight)
    I just got animal cuts today and I’m planning to use it once before the workout + 2 times BCAA for 15 days only and stop animal cuts for a month and start again
    do you think that’s enough or I should have some protein powder with that?

  • I started taking animal cut I took first packet morning 9 o clock in empty stomach and second pack by 5 30 pm. I went to work out by 6 and done cardio and body weight workouts. But I was not able to sleep whole night y it is like that. I tried hard to sleep I couldn’t. Please advise me.

    • 5:30 pm might be too late at night – depending on the person. For me I can sleep with that amount of caffeine, but some people have troubles.

  • Hello,
    Hope you’re doing well.
    I started on the Animal Cuts supplement today. Quick question about the other protein supplements that I can take along side please. Will it be counter productive to take them together? I work out 4 days a week and mostly follow a strict diet. I want to use Mass Tech pre & post work outs, Casein at night and whey protein in the morning after waking up. I took my first pack 15 mins after the protein shake followed by breakfast. Took the second pack after 5 hours. Thank you for providing some detailed information on the product.

    • Protein is good to take while trying to lose weight, as long as it fits into your daily calories. I’m not sure if “Mass Tech” is for gaining weight though? The name sounds like it might be a high calorie shake.

  • Hı Kevin
    İm a Lady and
    İm in my 3rd day with animal cuts, only thing i feel is that my stomach swells is this normal? How long does it take until i Will see any different with my body?

  • Hi kevin,
    This is my second day of using animal cuts,i took 1 pac on day one as i was instructed by my instructor to take only one pack.But according to reviews i see 2 packs oer day is recomended for best results…my appetitie is suppressed and i eat only one meal a day and workout 7 days a week..I feel vomitish and dizzy after taking the second pack..As i am a student it annoys me as i am unable to concentrate on my studies..I drink more than 6 liters of water per day as well..

  • Hey Kevin, great review, was wondering what you’re thoughts on my course of action with animal cuts are. I started taking them three days ago I work out six times a week but split up each day with a different major group of muscles back/tris, chest/bis, hamstrings, shoulders, quads, and then teardrops and hit each day pretty hard combined with cardio at least four times a week for about twenty minutes a session. I’m 18 and was a football player and went from 220 to 255 by may. I believe my body fat % is 24-26 been a while since I’ve checked. My diet is pretty clean no fast food or artificial food and only drink water tea and the occasional powerade zero, I consume max about 80 carbs a day with a high protein intake. If you have any input on things I should change it would be greatly appreciated looking to trim up and the ultimate goal is to be 15% or lower. Thanks

    • Hi Angus, as a football player you are going to need more carbs most likely. Just cut down on calories overall a bit. Your workout seems more like a bodybuilder workout than a football workout too. Looks like you’re on the right path otherwise.

      • Hey there kevin sorry about the confusion I was a football player I’m now just a college kid and would like to shed the football pounds since it was all about being big and this is the first time I’ve been going on a diet plan but wasn’t sure about the good amount of carbs as well as cardio and workout routine. Thanks!

  • Hi All,

    This is my second day with Animal cuts.I am not sweating that much.Is that the way the product works? I see many of you guys posting you are drenched after this.Can anyone explain the symptoms how it works? when it will start reacting and what are its effects.


  • Hi Kevin,
    I have a quick question. I am doing my best to lose weight and this product came very highly recommended. I can only work out at the end of the day because I work from the early AM to early evening 7-630p. From what I can gather its best to take right upon waking up and around lunch. Is this product still going to be used properly and effectively if I am taking the packs in this manner?

  • Iam taking animal.cut i started with 75kg wieght iam 73 now.iam sure iam not.losing muscles iam more shreded now.but iam afraid iam losing pump i look thiner ..was 75kg too skinny to.use animal.cut?

  • Hi Kevin,I have stopped my intensive workout in 2012 (body weight 75kgs).I am weighing around 105 kgs now and is planning to get back into my workout/diet as before from Jan 1.I have a question,can i start taking animal cut (2 servings-one in the morning before my cardio and another in the evening before going to gym) with dymatize isowhey 100 (2 servings – one as mid day snack and another after my workout in the evening).My aim is to reduce my weight and all those belly fat.I am planning to stick to a strict diet plan too,so please suggest if the supplements i have mentioned with the mentioned intake is fine or not.Appreciate your quick response.

    Thanks and Regards

  • Hi Kevin, I’m 1.66 meters and 160 pounds weight. Still confused how to take cuts. I’m working 7am to 3pm and going to gym by 6pm. So is it ok to take cuts at 12 noon then second pack at 5pm? Or even I’m going to gym at 6pm still it’s ok to take at 8 am then I take my breakfast and then second one at around 2pm then by 3:30 lunch then later on gym? And how to take it? With water or anything else. I’ve read a lot about animal cuts but still not yet clear about how to use.
    Or is it ok to have it once a day? And is there any issues if not drinking lots of water?


    Best regards
    Ian V.R