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If you are looking to purchase supplements online I highly recommend you use is based out of the United States, but are also a great choice for Canadians too. I am not too sure about those overseas (shipping might be a little more expensive). They have been around for over 10 years, opening their doors in April of 1999.

Trusted and reputable, is the most visited fitness site in the world. started selling supplements because they were sick of seeing all fitness enthusiasts being “ripped off” from the supplement companies. Supplements go through many “middle men” which gives the retail stores no choice but to charge high prices for supplements. Their online store took out the middle men, and allowed them to offer supplements online for a fair price.

Although getting your supplements delivered right to your door might be one of the biggest reasons to purchase supplements online, I personally buy supplements for the price. You can save up to 50% when buying online rather than from your local stores. It seems that supplement stores are starting to realize that they are losing all of their business to people who are purchasing supplements online, and they are adopting. I’ve seen a lot of retail supplement stores dropping their prices, but still haven’t been able to offer them as cheap as the online sites.

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When you are looking to buy supplements you might want to ask some questions. Having someone in the supplement store to answer your countless questions can be nice, but a solution to that when buying them online is to find a review site. Our partners over at have a Supplement Review section that allows you to read up on different supplements. These reviews are written by someone who has a lot of experience with supplements, which is nice to know.

You can also read some reviews over at before buying any workout supplements, but they are just reviews from random people. It is nice to know you are talking to someone who knows what they are talking about, rather than just anyone off the street.

Clearance supplement sales are awesome at the Bodybuilding store. I would check it out almost daily if you are looking for a bargain. Also be sure to sign up for their newsletter to get access to some exclusive supplement sales.

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