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Activfuel+ Review

I haven’t been blogging much lately as I’ve been enjoying my summer and keeping busy with work, training, mini vacations, etc. But today I have another supplement review for you (and more to come in the next couple weeks as I’m continuing to test out different supplements. Today review is on Activfuel+ by Genuine Health. Genuine Health is a great nutritional supplement company, and this product adds to a line of great/quality products.

Activfuel+ is a intra workout supplement, although it can also be used as a pre workout supplement as well. I purchased the caffeine free version of activfuel+ so that I can use it during my workouts and still take my Amino Energy pre workout drink.

According to the label Activfuel+ was designed to increase energy, improve performance and stamina and relieve stress.

Ingredients include Whey Protein Isolate, BCAAs (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine), Beet Juice, Taurine, Sodium and Potassium for rehydrating, 1 gram of creatine monohydrate, Vitamin B1, and more. As you can see Activfuel+ contains a lot of natural ingredients that will help performance in the gym or when doing anything physical.

On the bottle you will see a chart that tells you exactly how many servings to take depending on your body weight and the intensity of your exercise. My exercise is about medium to heavy normally and I weight just below 200 pounds so I choose to go with 2 scoops during my workouts.

How did Activfuel+ taste?

I was extremely surprised given the quality of natural ingredients with no sugar added that when mixed with water it actually tasted pretty good. I have the “black raspberry lemonade” flavor and was extremely happy with the taste. I will say that Xtend was slighly better tasting for an intra workout drink, but this product contains more ingredients that will help you meet your fitness goals. For review purposes I will give the taste an 8/10. For the quality of ingredients and the nutritional profile of the supplement the taste is VERY good.

Did Activefuel+ work well?

With these Intra workout supplements you won’t see too much of a noticeable different while working out, as they are more for recovery, re-energizing, rehydrating, etc. But I will say that during my workouts I felt a bit more energized and after my workout was finished I wasn’t completely gassed (and could actually be productive after a hard workout). Because of the BCAAs and 5 grams of protein I know that my body was getting what it needs during my training, and I feel that I was able to stay lean without losing muscle during my few weeks of taking this supplement partially because of those ingredients. Overall I highly recommend you take Activfuel+ if you are looking for a pre or intra workout supplement.

Overall a 9.5/10 for review purposes for those wondering. I will gladly recommend supplement this to anyone.


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  • Any idea why the Genuine Health Activefuel+ has been discontinued?? I found it at a reduced price and purchased it however, it concerns now that it might not be a great product. Thanks for any feedback you may have on this product. I won’t use it if there is a negative side effect.