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Vitargo S2 Review

Like mentioned in my supplement stack post a handful of weeks ago, I picked up the expensive and quality Vitargo S2 carbohydrate supplement for after my workouts. After a month or so of using the product I feel like I can write a full review on it.

What Does Vitargo S2 Do For You?

Vitargo S2 is zero sugar Carbohydrate supplement made by GENR8 designed to accelerate glycogen refuelling and recovery which is important for anyone who is training hard. Vitargo S2 can be used before, during, and/or after training.

I choose to take my immediately after training, as I am taking a a pre workout and BCAAs supplements (Xtend) before and during my workouts.

Whether you are training for a sport, playing a sport, or trying to build muscle, it is important to refuel your glycogen levels that get depleted during training. this will boost your energy levels, allow you to recover faster for your next training session, and prevent muscle protein breakdown.

Vitargo S2 is proven to leave the stomach faster than other carbohydrate supplements with maltodextrin and sugars.

What is in Vitargo S2?

The ingredients listed in Vitargo S2 include fractionated barley amylopectin *see comments (Vitargo S2), natural flavor, citric acid, natural color, sucralose.

2 Scoops of Vitargo S2 contains 280 calories, which includes 70 grams of carbohydrates and absolute NO SUGAR (0 grams) which is a huge positive for athletes.

Taste Review:

I bought the Natural Tropical Fruit flavor and love it. I would give it a 8.5/10 for review purposes. The drink is a little thick, but that doesn’t bother me. With having 0 sugars and with the quality of the supplement overall I would expect it to taste bad, but was surprised to actually somewhat enjoy the taste.

Price Review:

To be brutally honest this supplement is very expensive, which is why I would only recommend it to elite athletes, people training for fitness purposes, or those with enough money to justify a supplement with this price tag. You are going to be paying about $2 per servings for Vitargo S2. Because it is such a good supplement the price isn’t outrageous so I am giving it a 7/10 for review purposes. I highly recommend purchasing it at so you can save some money.

Can I Take Other Supplements With Vitargo S2?

Absolutely, Vitargo S2 is an important piece to your supplement stack and refuelling is very important for training, but don’t forget your other important supplements. I would make sure that within 45 minutes of your training you are also getting some whey protein into your system. It is recommended that you don’t take any other supplements or food with sugar because it will interfere with absorption, but a 100% whey protein like ISO-100 should be fine.

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  • Thank you for your review! I just wanted to clarify that Vitargo S2 is NOT fractionated barley, but is a patented, high-molecular weight, low osmolality molecule that is extracted from the barley. It is also gluten-free. I would check the sugar content of the Muscle Milk, as we suggest nit taking anything with 5+ grams of any type of sugar with Vitargo S2, since it will interfere with the absorption.

  • Is vitargo ok to use if your leaning up? Or does it give u a bit of chub and better to use when trying to put on mass??

    • Whether you are trying to lean up or gain weight you need fast acting carbs after workouts. When I’m on a strict diet trying to lean up I go with one scoop of Vitargo S2. That is what I would recommend in your case.

  • Kevin, if the aim is to lose bodyfat, would not the insulin spike caused by the Vitargo counteract this? I’m a little conused…

  • Hi, i do bjj 3 days and other 3 days weight lifting.
    Trying to gain mass, can i use vitargo with protien as a meal replacement supplement??
    Thanks in advance