May 2013 Workout Goals

I just realized I didn’t do my goals again at the start of May here, so I’m doing them two weeks into May – late is better than never.

In the future I may start doing weekly goal posts and get more specific to make it easier to follow and grade my performances with my goals, but for now lets just get into some goals of mine for the rest of May.

Workouts – My first goal is to get into the gym 5-6 times per week for the rest of the month. I’m sticking with a 3-day split working out chest/arms, back/shoulders, and lower/core and I will sometimes be adding a core to one of the upper body days when it works out that I will have a day off afterwards. I’ve started to increase the intensity a little bit and my workouts are starting to becoming a bit longer in overall time while keeping up low rest times.

Cardio – Since injuring my mouth I haven’t been playing hockey at all so far in May and if I get back on the ice it will be near the end of May so all of my cardio is going to be at the gym or in my backward with the skipping rope. My goal is to do 3 cardio workouts per week.

Meal Plan – I want to track my eating for the rest of the month in my binder and eat healthy 85%+ of the time. This month is a little tougher as the weather has gotten nice and we’ve got a long weekend coming up in May, but I still think I will be able to limit the bad foods and eat clean a good majority of the time. My goal is fat loss right now so this is my most important goal.

Supplements – I’ve got a good stack of supplements going right now that will set up my body for the ability to work hard and recover between workouts. I’m taking my greens supplement, phytoberry, multivitamins, omega, lots of BCAAs, l-carnitine, and a new supplement called P6 Extreme Black that I will receive soon. My goal is to make sure I take each supplement every day and don’t miss any which shouldn’t be too hard since I have them written out daily on my meal plan sheets to cross off as I take them.

Another goal of mine is to post here more tracking my progress. I’ve done updates here about every other day in past months where I’ve gave a basic run down on my days workouts and eating but I’ve never actually posted full workouts and eating daily. I’m thinking about keeping a legit journal here where I write down everything and track things like body weight and post pictures but I’m not sure if people are interested in that. Leave a comment if you are, and if not I will probably just send that out to the Free Insider List.

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