March 2013 Workout Goals

February has come and past and we are now already into March of 2013. I don’t know about you, but for me the first two months of 2013 have flown by.

As you know (if you’ve been a reader of my blog) I spent a week in February down in Mexico. I blogged about that here if you’re interested in reading about my trip. Other then that February was a pretty good month. It has tough getting back into intense workouts, but with March here I am ready to get going again.

I’m going to take a look at my February goals first and then get into goals for March…

February Goals Recap

My first goal was to workout 10 of the 11 days before my trip. I think I got in workouts in 9 of those 11 days, so I fell one day short of my goal. The next part of that goal was to workout 2 or 3 times lightly in the resort gym in Mexico. I got in two workouts and then did some exercises with my resistance band on a third day, so I completed that goal. And lastly I wanted to get to the gym within 3 days of returning home and then go 5 or 6 times per week after that. I think I got to the gym for one workout 3 days after returning, but I didn’t get in my 5/6 workouts per week at the end of February.

Next on the list was very strict and clean eating leading up to the trip. I did a fairly good job of this, with most of my days eating recorded here at the blog in posts leading up to the trip.

Cardio 6 times before the trip. Without going back to check exactly how many times I got cardio in I would guess that it was 5 times, barely missing out on my goal. I had also planned to get right back into cardio after returning, but besides a couple hockey games and a hockey tournament this past weekend I didn’t do any cardio at the gym.

Ramping up the intensity of my workouts. Yes I got this done, as my last workouts before leaving were very intense.

And I completed my last few goals of recording workouts and meals, and weighing 195 by the trip (I was 196 on the final weigh in day which is good enough for me as I weighed in on a full stomach).

March Workout Goals

Starting today I basically have 4 full weeks of working out before my next trip to Panama City Beach, Florida. I’ve already gained some fat back from eating and drinking on the trip and being a bit unhealthy since coming home, so I need to get back into the swing of things right away. Here are my March goals…

Workout 6 times per week. My goal is to workout Monday-Saturday each week with Sunday off. Sometimes I will switch my off days, but I plan on getting to the gym 6 times per week.

Cardio 3 times per week. I’ve only got one hockey game per week in March, and there is even a week without hockey. So with that I want to get in 2 cardio workouts at the gym + my hockey game each week (and then 3 times in the gym for the week I don’t have a game).

Healthy eating 5/6 days of the week. This is pretty much a goal year round, but I always like to write it out. I want to eat healthy 5 or 6 days of the week, and then give myself one cheat day. I’m also going to try and make my cheat day not a full blown awful cheat day, so I can get right back into the gym the next day feeling good.

Start up a modified version of the “10 sets” workout I was doing last month. I’m going to plan it out tonight, but I think I will do the 10 sets for upper body only, and lower body do some regular, high intensity workouts. I found with the 10 sets my legs were fried and I had a tough time doing proper core workouts being so tired. I might also try doing “2 a days” where I come back to the gym and do a separate 20-30 minute core workout. We’ll see.

Another goal is to continue posting here, and try to post a little more. I’ve got some supplement reviews to write and I’m sure I will have some more topics come to mind while I go through my workouts this month. As always if you have any suggestions for posts that I write you can leave them below in the comments.

Record workouts, record meals, record supplements, and weigh 195 by March 31st.

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