June 2013 Fitness Goals

May might have been my best month in a long time. I really got back into working out hard and I noticed some big changes on my body in a positive way.

My first goal was to get into the gym 5-6 times per week and I pretty much got a workout in 5 or 6 times per week all month. My intensity was also increased like I had planned. I also got back into doing a few cardio workouts per week (mostly skipping). My goal was 85% healthy and I did a great job with that. I had a few weekends where I ate pretty crappy, but during the week I did a great job staying very healthy. I also stuck to my supplement plan which has helped me lose some fat and build some muscle. Overall a great month.

Below are my goals for June, which are very similar to May…

Workouts – I’m going to aim for 6 workouts per week this month. Even if I do go out on a Friday night for example I could still do a workout in my backyard. I’m going to stick with the same workout splits and same intensity. My workouts averaged about 40-45 minutes in May, and I think in June I may be pushing 45-50 minutes adding in an extra exercise at the end as I’ve started to get into better shape.

Cardio – I’m back playing hockey and that is twice a week, but I also want to add 2 cardio workouts during the week. These will most likely be ~20-25 minute skipping interval cardio workouts. So in total 4 cardio workouts if I’m counting playing hockey.

Meal Plan – Again we will aim for 85% healthy eating. Again with my main goal being fat loss this is my most important goal for June. From Monday – Friday I want to eat pretty strict and then on the weekends I can give myself a few “cheat meals”, but I still want to eat relatively healthy on weekends as well. I’m going to try a few new healthy recipes and maybe I’ll post them up here at the blog when I try them out.

Supplements – Continue with my supplement stack, although my P6 Extreme Black is almost finished up (great results and a review will be coming of that supplement). I’ve also got a few new supplements from Genuine Health that I will be trying out and reviewing here. My goal is to take all supplements at proper times 95% of the time.

Yoga – I love yoga but I never make the time to do it. It is great for muscle recovery, injury prevention, flexibility, and core strength. My goal is to do Yoga once per week or 4 times total in June.

Contest – I also wanted to let you know about a $10,000 contest that Genuine Health is running. You have the chance of winning $10k just by sending in a picture and a quick write up of what you would do with the money to help you with your athletic goals (example – you could say that you would build your own home gym to make working out more convenient). Click here for your chance at $10,000 <– worth the quick submission

That’s it for June. Have a great month in the gym and in the kitchen!

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