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SuperPump Max Review – Taste, Price, etc

Sorry I haven’t been doing any supplement reviews or workout updates… I have a couple other sites and projects that I am working on and they have gotten in the way. Here is my first supplement review at Workout Tipster…

I recently purchased the new SuperPump Max, as I was a huge fan of SuperPump250.

SuperPump250 did not disappoint! Although I didn’t see a huge difference between SuperPump Max and SuperPump250, I did see a small difference. And when the first product was already working so great it is awesome to see any type of improvement.

Pump and Vascularity Review

I feel my pumps a little bit more on SuperPump Max, and believe me it was hard to top the crazy pumps I get from SuperPump 250! 1 or 2 exercises into your workout you will feel pretty big pumps, on all bodies parts. This really helps me with motivation, and also helps me squeeze out a couple extra reps… just to see what kind of pump I can get.

The vascularity I get from SuperPump Max is also pretty crazy. You will probably need to be decently cut to see the effects of this, but especially in my forearms I get really good vascularity – like they say “road map forearms”.

The pumps last for most of the day (with my workouts early afternoon) and I can easily rate the product a 10/10 in this category.

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Energy and Focus Review

I see the effects a little less than No Xplode in this category, but SuperPump Max is up there for the tops in energy and focus. The great thing about SuperPump Max is how long the energy and focus lasts compared to other pre workout products out there. I feel good my whole workout, and don’t get drained. I can spend an hour working hard in the gym and feel like I could go another hour hard if I wanted to.

I almost never crash from SuperPump Max, which is a huge plus for me. I hate the pre workout supplements that make you feel like crap for the rest of the day. If anything I feel better after my workouts. A 9/10 for Energy and Focus for SuperPump Max.

Taste Review

Wow is all I can say. I got the fruit punch SuperPump Max and it literally tastes better than the fruit punch my mom used to make that I loved haha. I’m not even exaggerating here when I say it… I would rather drink SuperPump Max than any fruit juice out there.

To make sure I wasn’t crazy I even made my girlfriend take a sip of the SuperPump Max fruit punch and shes loved the taste too!

If you have problems taking down nasty tasting supplements you won’t have a worry in the world with SuperPump Max.

Easily a 10/10 for this review category.

Price Review

Well this is my favorite pre workout supplement I’ve ever used. If you are short on money you might have to buy something a little cheaper, or skip the pre workout supplement as a whole. But if you are looking to spend money on a pre workout supplement there is no better place to put your money than on SuperPump Max. I guess I should mention that everyone’s body responds differently to each supplement, so give it a try before you buy if you can… but everyone I have gotten to review the SuperPump Max has loved it as well.

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Hope this SuperPump Max Review helped you if you were thinking of buying it! Do it… it’s a great supplement!

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