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Live Large TV Review

I’m always one for continuing to learn as much as I can and I try to do as much reading, research, and learning from other fitness/health/nutrition experts as I can.

Recently I’ve signed up for Vince Del Monte’s Live Large TV product and thought I would do a quick review on the product.

For those of you who don’t know who Vince Del Monte is, he is a very popular fitness blogger from Ontario, Canada. He has been featured in and contributed to Men’s Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, and many more. Once known as “Skinny Vinny” he himself went from a scrawny teenager to a built and lean man. He has over 25,000 customers that have purchased one of his many muscle building products, and that number continues to grow over the years.

One of Vince’s newer products is called “Live Large TV” which is a weekly video membership site. His first season released of Live Large TV was provided for free, but he has since switched to a paid membership format, and rightfully so – he provides a ton of useful and helpful tips and the price to join is more then reasonable.

What do you get when signing up for Live Large TV?

You will first of all get access to all Live Large TV seasons. At the time of writing this review of the product he is on Season 3 and releases an episode every Monday I believe it is. I also have access to Live Large Season 1 and 2. In Season 3 each episode starts off with an exercise tip from him and Ben Pakulski. These aren’t the standard basic exercise tips, but more in-depth tips for someone seriously looking to pack on some muscle. I’ve taken note of a few VERY solid tips from these two during that segment of the show. Next is an “Ask Vince” segment where Vince and his wife Flavia (solid eye candy) answer questions that people write in and ask. Again I have enjoyed this part of the show and have learned some neat workout related stuff. Next up is always a segment with Vince going into depth about something training related (lifting tempo, how to build a workout program, etc). Lastly is Vince’s dad doing some lecturing on life lessons – although it may sound not training related, you will get some GREAT pointers in this part of the episodes for working out and life in general.

Besides the Live Large TV episodes you will also get a few surprise bonuses, behind the scenes videos, cooking and nutrition videos, day in the life videos, and some other exclusive video footage.

How much does it cost and is it worth the price?

There are three different payment options. If you want to pay monthly you will pay just $12.87. If you pay in quarterly payments (4 payments per year) it works out to $9.87 per month. And if you choose to pay the entire yearly membership upfront you will pay just $7.87 a month.

Vince put it best when he said it will cost less than a greasy cheeseburger meal. This is a VERY generous price for some great content, and I highly recommend you sign up. It isn’t hard to come up with an extra $10 per month for anyone, and the information you will learn is very valuable.

In my opinion this is definitely worth the price. He couldn’t get away with charge too much more, but I’m sure he would still see a lot of members continue to pay the monthly fee if he raised it up to $15 or $20.

Overall it is a great product and one that you should think about purchasing – click here to sign up.

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