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Hypertrophy MAX Review

So Vince DelMonte just emailed me to let me know that he will be launching his and Ben Pakulski’s new product, which is called “Hypertrophy MAX“, on June 26th. That launch date isn’t set in stone, but it looks like they’ll have the product live that day. I wanted to be able to get a review going here because I know there will be tons of people searching for reviews of Hypertrophy Max. Vince and Ben both have huge followings (for good reasons) and we can be sure that a lot of people will hop on board – including me.

Right now it is June 9th as I write this and I don’t know too much about the new Hypertrophy MAX program, but I will add details every time I get more information from either Vince or Ben.

Who are Vince DelMonte and Ben Pakulski?

If you read my Live Large TV review I give a pretty in-depth background into who Vince DelMonte is. To sum it up Vince is an extremely popular fitness blogger that has over 25,000 customers who purchase his products that mainly focus on building muscle (but some are for leaning out as well). Ben is a badass bodybuilder who has participated in a number of competitions, which includes coming 4th at the Arnold Classic in March, 2012. He is popular online for his MI40 workout program, which has helped hundreds and possibly thousands of guys build massive amounts of muscle.

Check out the picture below and tell me you don’t want this guy training you:

And by the way, that is exactly what Vince said him and Ben will be doing. With their program it will basically be like they are your virtual trainer, helping you along each workout and every step of the way.

Vince talks about how finding a coach was the reason he was able to gain 41 pounds of lean muscle mass in 24 weeks, and he wants to be there with Ben to help thousands of skinny kids do the same thing.

From all the hype surrounding Hypertrophy MAX I can guarantee you that this will be one bad-ass program, and possibly the best muscle building program put online. These two guys know their stuff and it shows on their bodies.

How much will Hypertrophy MAX cost?

You can expect the product to be anywhere between $40 and $100. I would guess maybe somewhere in the higher end of that product range, but there will most likely be a sale for their launch of the product. Either way the value you are getting in the program will easily pay for itself. A personal trainer costs about $50/hour, and you are getting two of the best fitness coaches as your trainer when following Hypertrophy MAX.

More to come on the product when I learn more.


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