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Why I Haven’t Been Posting Lately

I got into a good routine of posting here every couple days, so I thought I would just give a quick heads up of why I haven’t been putting up any blog posts lately.

Over the weekend I came down with some type of sickness – sore throat and cough. I haven’t had much energy to write, and have tried to be away from the computer a bit to try and rest and get better.

I also haven’t been working out, as you could have guessed if you’ve come across my article “Should I Workout If I’m Sick“.

As much as I wanted to get into the gym the past few days I decided that rest would be better, and it has paid off as today I felt well enough to make it to the gym. I only went for a 25 minute workout, as I didn’t want to push it too much, but I feel I should be able to get workouts in for the rest of the week. I will probably continue to take it easy though and treat this week sort of as a rest week for my muscles, joints, etc.

I’m hydrating a lot and trying to get my vitamins so I can get back to 100% and start Monday fresh with hard workouts. I was really motivated last week to try and meet my November goals, which makes it twice as crappy that I’m not feeling well. Anyways I hope to be back and posting here more regularly again when I get back into the gym with full workouts.

To my American readers – Happy Thanksgiving!

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