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Setting a Workout Routine

workout routineIf you struggle making it to the gym 4, 5 or 6 times a week this post is for you.

The hardest part for most people who set fitness goals (ie want to lost weight) is actually getting to the gym to workout. Even though what you eat in the kitchen is more important than your actual workouts, it seems like the dieting comes a lot easier when you are actually in the gym doing workouts.

A lot of people have a lot of excuses for not getting to the gym – they’re too tired, work was tough, other commitments, something came up, I have to watch the kids, etc, etc. But the reality is that about 99% of people can fit in the time somewhere to get to the gym. How much time do you waste watching TV or on the Internet/Smart phone?

If you want to workout consistently you need to set a routine.

Everyone out there has different daily schedules so I can’t set out specific routines, but the key is that you need to make a routine for yourself that fits into your life.

If you work a 9-5 job why not wake up an hour earlier and go to the gym for a 40 minute workout + shower? Or go right from work everyday to the gym so you don’t have an excuse once you get home and find something else to do.

Or you can find yourself a workout partner and commit to going every night at 8 pm together Monday thru Friday.

Whatever it is set up a routine in your life so that going to the gym and working out comes naturally just like heading to work for the day.

For myself I work from my house but I know that pretty much every single day I am going to be heading to the gym around 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I don’t even really think twice about it because it is just my routine I’ve gotten used to.

Once you get into the routine you set for yourself it will come a lot easier in a just a few weeks time. Especially when you start seeing results.

The key is to have your workouts scheduled in advanced. Whether you make a routine for yourself to workout Monday to Friday at 5:00 PM every day or Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning’s at 6:00 AM, just make a workout routine for yourself and stick to it. Once you have a workout routine going the results will follow. Good luck.

Ok on to my personal workout journal for the past two days…

Thursday’s Workout Recap

I guess I will start with Wednesday first. I had a great day with both my workouts and eating. For my workout I did my 10 sets of back and shoulders this week with just 50 seconds rest. I was sweating throughout and overall just a solid workout. For dinner I grilled up a chicken breast with some asparagus and grilled peppers. I also had a hockey game late at night which was my cardio for the day.

Today has been healthy eating so far, which has included some BBQ’ed shrimp in a delicious marinade for dinner. My workout today was the 10 sets for chest and arms, and it was another good one. With just 50 seconds of rest it’s crazy how much your bench press will decrease when you get to the last few sets. My 10 sets for my arms was using a band for triceps band press downs and instead of 10 reps I was doing 20 reps. That was a good workout with a crazy triceps pump. I’m interested to see if my triceps will be sore tomorrow. I finished off the workout with a stairclimber cardio workout. I didn’t go too hard with the stair climber workout because tomorrow is going to be a deadly lower body workout with 10 sets and 50 seconds rest.

It has been just a few weeks of blogging here but I’ve really found it has helped keep me on course and I’ve been eating very strictly for the most part and working out hard. It is starting to show in the mirror although I haven’t lost many pounds (body fat is definitely decreasing though).

Anyways have a good weekend with your workouts and eating, and I will see if I can post sometime tomorrow or on the weekend.

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