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First of all I will get to today’s tip, and then I will recap my workouts/nutrition the past two days (since I didn’t get around to posting yesterday).

Today’s tip is to “listen” to your body. What I mean when I say that is sometimes your body tries to tell you something. For example, if your body is extremely tired or fatigued it is showing you that possibly you over worked yourself yesterday, or you didn’t get enough sleep, or maybe you ate poorly and your body is reacting to that. If your body is sore maybe your worked out too hard the previous day and it needs more time to recover.

This morning I woke up with really sore shoulders because of my intense workout I did yesterday. I had planned on working out lower body and core today, but a lot of my lower body includes some shoulder work (trap bar deadlifts and stiff leg deadlifts). So instead of trying to work through the soreness I decided that I would take today off lifting weights and instead just do my cardio session. I had planned to take Sunday off weights, but instead I will take Thursday off and workout on both days this weekend.

Your body seems to do a good job in telling you when it needs you to scale back, so listen to it. If you’re overly tired take a day off and rest and get a good sleep. If your legs are extremely sore after a hard lower body workout give yourself an extra day off before your next leg day.

My Workouts The Past Two Days

OK right into my past two days as I continue with my “journal” here at the blog.

Yesterday was Day 2 of my new workout program that I talked about yesterday which includes 10 sets with 60 seconds of rest. It was chest and arms yesterday so I had 10 sets of incline dumbbell bench press followed my incline flies. I then went into 10 sets of tricep rope pressdown, and then dumbbell curls and finally a superset of dumbbell tricep kickbacks and hammer curls.

Overall it was a good and tiring workout, although I wish I had a spotter for my last few sets of dumbbell bench press. I had to lower my weights twice because I couldn’t bang out ten reps on without a bit of help. I still got a great pump from the workout though, and I’m liking this program so far.

My eating was pretty much perfect except for a small handful of some “healthy” potato chips. They are the natural kind or whatever, but I count that as a cheat meal. I only had a small handful to help hold me over before I could get around to making dinner. I was about 95% clean eating yesterday though, so it has been a great week.

I finished off the night with a hockey game, which is a good cardio workout.

Today like I mentioned above I woke up with sore shoulders. I’m not sure if it was from the bench press sets or the tricep rope, but my guess is the tricep rope. I might switch over to tricep band press downs next time around and see if that’s any better. Because my shoulders were sore today I decided to do cardio, which was 30 minutes overall. 5 minutes on the bike to warm up and then 16 minutes of intense intervals on the stair climber, followed by 7 more minutes on the bike. I then stretched for a few minutes at the end too (something I need to do more of).

healthy foodMy eating so far has been good again today, with steak and eggs for breakfast, my post workout shake, and then a “pasta-less” pasta (see picture ). Basically what I did was cut up steak and chicken I grilled last night and put them in a pan with onions, mushrooms, spinach and olive oil. Once those were heated up and ready to eat I added some tomato sauce. I put it in a bowl and sprinkled a tiny bit of natural parmesan cheese. So basically it looked like a pasta without the noodles (as I’m trying to cut down heavily on carbs).

Another good day in the books, and I’m hoping I feel fresh tomorrow for a nice lower body and core workout!

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