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Monday’s Are Key for Working Out

monday workoutToday is Monday and that means the start of the week and the start of the work week for most. Personally I sometimes work 7 days per week, but often I am working Monday-Friday with the weekends pretty much off. I also enjoy taking Sunday’s off from going to the gym on most weeks.

On Monday most of the world gets “back at it” and into the weekly routine, which it makes it a very important day for working out. Getting into the gym on a Monday will get you off on the right foot for the week. It becomes even more important (or so I’ve found at least) if you’ve taken the weekend off from the gym. Like I mentioned in last week’s post it is all about getting into a workout routine.

Monday’s are also important for starting off the week eating healthy. I highly recommend you grocery shop over the weekend, so that you can prepare some meals for the week and not use the excuse of not having any healthy groceries on Monday to eat poorly.

Start your week off right and get into the gym on Monday!

Now let me get into my personal workout journal for today so far and the past weekend…

Monday’s Workout

First off I will talk about my Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I started the day off with a very good back and shoulder workout that lasted about 50 minutes. My eating for the morning was pretty good, but I had some planned cheat meals at night to reward myself for another great week of clean eating. Sunday morning I woke up and played two hours of hockey which was very good cardio and nice to be active on a Sunday without being in the gym. I had a good breakfast, and then again enjoyed a few cheat meals later in the afternoon during the football games.

Today (Monday) I’ve started the day with a intermittent fast. If you read my goals for the month you know that I planned on doing some fasting on Monday’s. This is my first one of the month as I got out of the routine because of the holidays. My fasts are more like partial fasts and this one is going to go from Sunday night at 10:00 pm until about 6:30 pm here on Monday. During the day I also have my morning Greens shake and my post workout protein shakes because I still get to the gym on Monday’s. If I was doing a strict fast I wouldn’t be allowed the protein shake and I probably wouldn’t workout either. Tonight will be two lighter meals.

My workout today was decent. It was a chest and arms day, but because I went into the gym on an empty stomach I wasn’t able to really push it as much as I would on a normal day. That is fine though because today’s fast should help kick start a great week of healthy eating and workouts.

Hopefully you’ve gotten to the gym by now on this Monday, but if not you still have time! Have a good week in the gym and in the kitchen 🙂

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