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Late Night Workouts Are Great

late workoutLast night was the Super Bowl and me and the girlfriend had our friends over at my place for a little party. I had a bit of a planned cheat night as we made a bunch of food (most of it unhealthy stuff) and I had a bunch of beers with the guys. Because of the beers I was feeling a little off today and delayed my leg workout until tonight.

I hadn’t been to the gym past maybe 7 or 8 at night for a long time, and I realized how much I miss late night workouts. Right now it is nearing midnight and I just got back from the gym.

For some reason I feel like I have a lot of energy when I head to the gym for a late night workout. I’m not really a morning person, which is why I usually wait until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon to workout instead of soon after waking up, so I’m thinking my energy might peak later at night.

The best thing about late night workouts is that the gym is nearly empty. No missing dumbbells, people machines you need, people getting in the way, etc, etc. Less people in the gym = better workouts for me.

There are downsides to working out late though. For one you can’t take a pre workout supplement such as Amino Energy that has caffeine in it (unless you want to struggle sleeping). It also is tough drinking a big protein shake after a workout late at night if you plan to go to bed soon after. And lastly it is harder to find workout partners to go late.

Either way I wish I could workout late night, but it just doesn’t fit my normal daily schedule.

Anyways tonight was a good leg workout doing 10 sets of 10 reps with just 30 seconds of rest. I started with leg extensions for 10 reps, went into backwards lunges (which were very light after the leg extensions), next was 10 sets of hamstring curls which also got really light because of the 30 second rest periods. Lastly for lower for calf raises. I also had some core work – leg raises, sit ups with legs straight and slow decline, and planks.

Tonight is 7 days from my vacation, so I’ll be hitting the gym pretty much everyday from now on out (expect for Saturday).

My eating was good today considering I was a little hungover from the drinking last night. I kept carbs down, which will be the theme this week.

Have a good week, and I’ll try to blog here throughout the week before my vacation!

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  • I work an evening shift, so usually only get to the gym around 2:30am. Like you say the place is empty, maybe 10 people and I can get my workout done without ay delays. I haven’t had any problems with the protein shakes keeping me up either.

    • Don sounds like an ideal time to workout for those working late. Going in the afternoon and early evening can get a bit annoying when you can’t do your workout properly because people are on or using equipment you need!