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Back from Mexico

I got back from Mexico late last night – just after midnight. It was awful coming back to the cold weather (lots of snow) here in Canada, but sleeping in my own bed was awesome.

Overall it was a really great trip. The resort, Excellence Cancun, was amazing with great service and good food, and we had good weather for most of the trip too.

For the most part it was a relaxing time, but I also managed to stay active and have some fun. I played beach volleyball or water volleyball almost every day, me and the girlfriend rode an ATV and Wave Runner, and I even got to the gym twice for two pretty solid quick early morning workouts.

The gym there was great. There were cardio machines, lots of new machines for weight lifting, a squat rack, and dumbbells. The only downfall was that the dumbbells didn’t go too heavy. That isn’t a big deal though, as when I go on vacation I usually lift light and for the most part give my muscles and joints a week off.

Here’s a picture of me and the girlfriend from one of our last days on the trip…

vacation workout tipster


My eating while I was down there was a little better than I expected. It was definitely at “cheat week”, but I kept the portions relatively small and chose some healthy meals when I could. My breakfasts on most days were an egg white omelete from the buffet with a few Mexican style breakfast potatoes and some fruit (along with a delicious “greens” drink). My lunch often came from the grill restaurant and a lot of chicken wings were consumed throughout the week. Dinners were often smaller portions and healthier, but came with desert on most nights. Like I said before the trip though I wasn’t planning on worrying about eating healthy, I was just going to enjoy the time away.

I was drinking alcohol throughout the trip, but didn’t ever get too carried away any of the days and I had a lot of water to drink throughout the days as well which helped.

Often times I feel sluggish after a week vacation, but I actually feel pretty good right now. Today was spent relaxing and catching up on some work. Tomorrow I plan to go grocery shopping, hit the gym, and get back into my normal routine.

My next vacation is only about 40 days away – Florida on April 1st – so I plan to continue working hard at the gym and posting here a couple times a week.

Have a good rest of the week, and here is another picture of me and the girlfriend ATV’ing through the jungle:

atv mexico

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