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P90X Yoga is Impossible

Alright, it isn’t impossible – but the P90X Yoga is tough.

I’m not in my best shape right now, but even if I was I don’t know if I would be able to make it through the complete hour and a half or whatever it is for the P90X yoga without taking breaks. If you want a good workout give it a shot.

After the first 20 minutes you will most likely be sweating and breathing pretty heavily. And after about an hour you will most likely be suffering, unless you’ve been doing intense workouts lately.

My workouts haven’t been too intense lately, and I haven’t done any yoga or even real stretching for a long time. I tried out the P90X a couple days ago and had to skip through a good section in the middle to even complete it (I just fast forwarded it through about 20-30 minutes). I plan on working my way up slowly to be able to complete the full video, but man is it tough.

Generally when people hear yoga they think of a slow relaxing workout, but P90X is much different. For example the first 20 minutes you will go through some basic yoga stretches but you will be doing a lot of planks and pushups that get your heart rate up right away.

If you are looking for a good workout give P90X a try. Whether your goal is to gain muscle or lose weight yoga is great for the body. I’ve wrote about Yoga here at the blog before, and some benefits of yoga include increasing flexibility, detoxifying the body, masssaging organs, and toning your body and muscles.

The toning of the muscles can definitely be felt. I workout my back and shoulders usually twice per week and after one P90X yoga workout my muscles were sore like they had just been worked out really hard.

Anyways not much of a post here, I just wanted to give you a heads up if you are looking for a good workout. Give it a try, you can find it online. Let me know in the comments if you gave it a go and if you thought it was as tough as I did. Maybe it’s because I’m really inflexible right now too?

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