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FatGripz Bicep Workout – Killer Pump

Just wanted to quickly get up a post about the FatGripz that have become extremely popular. They have become popular for a reason – they rock.

When I played college level football I had access to thick bar barbells, which hit the forearms and biceps like crazy and I fell in love with them. When I stopped playing football, and went back to an everyday gym or “health club” of course they didn’t spend the extra money on these thick bar barbells and it sucked.

Well luckily I stumbled upon these FatGripz which basically transforms your barbell into a thick bar barbell, or even your dumbells into a thick bar dumbell.

There are so many different exercises you can use them on, but they do take away from your other muscles a bit so I use them mainly for bicep or arm workouts.

Today I finished my “chest/tris/bis” split with a killer FatGripz workout and wanted to share it with you – you will definitely have a killer bicep pump after this simple workout.

FatGripz On Barbell – 10 reps
FatGripz On Barbell – 10 reps
FatGripz On Barbell – 6 then drop weight and go to failure
No FatGripz – 8 then drop, 5 then drop, drop (for me this was only the barbell) and go until failure

I think taking the FatGripz off a the end make you really focus on squeezing your bicep because your forearms are so tired from the first three sets.

Purchase some FatGripz if you don’t have them already and let me know what you think of the FatGripz Bicep Workout!

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