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Greens+ and VegeGreens Review

Today I’m going to do a review on two different “greens” supplement products. I will take a look at both products, review them, and let you know why I highly recommend either product.

The two greens products I’ve used recently are Progressive’s “VegeGreens” and Genuine Health’s “Greens+”.

If you are not currently taking a Greens supplement you need to start right away. A Greens supplement would be the first thing I recommend along with a multi-vitamin product.

What are Greens supplements good for?

Greens supplements provide you with about 6-8 servings of fresh vegetables and a ton of great nutrients that are great for the body. Taking the supplement with help with your energy levels and over-all well being, increase your bodies alkalinity, balance blood sugar, support your liver function, improve your digestive function, detoxify the body, and even cleanse the colon.

Probably 95% of people don’t get the nutrients they need by only what they eat daily, and by taking a Greens supplement you can get those nutrients that will help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are trying to lose fat, gain muscle, or just stay overall in shape and healthy I recommend you are supplementing a Greens product.

How often should I take my Greens+ or VegeGreens?

You’ll see on the label that you only need to take greens supplements once a day. I like to drink mine in the morning with breakfast, but I’ve also heard that it would be beneficial to take it right after a workout with your post workout meal or shake.

Which brand of Greens do you like better?

After trying both VegeGreens and Greens+ I prefer VegeGreens for the ingredients, but Greens+ for the taste. Greens+ comes in different flavors, while VegeGreens is just the one flavor. If you really are picky with taste I would suggest you buy Greens+, but if you aren’t too picky and you just want the best supplement I would buy VegeGreens. Both are great products though!

What can you mix the Greens supplements with?

I prefer just mixing them with water, although both suggest you can mix with a fruit juice if you like. In order to stay healthy make sure you choose a natural fruit juice with no sugar or preservatives added.

Overall Review:

VegeGreens Ingredients Review = 10/10
VegeGreens Taste Review = 7/10
Greens+ Ingredients Review = 9/10
Greens+ Taste Review = 8/10

Get your hands on either product if you are serious about staying healthy, feeling great and improving the looks of your body.

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  • im tight on cash and had to choose between the greens+ and the VegeGreens … i feel regretful and wish i had gotten the VegeGreens because of the amount of ingredients.. but then its like, i hear good things about the greens+ … SO which is the better? or are they just good on their own terms? πŸ™ i’d love to buy VegeGreens next and compare but I’m a broke ass betch :/ lol thanks for the review though, it helped!

    • They are both very similar. I would choose one or the other, and it wouldn’t matter which one you chose. Right now I am taking VegeGreens with PhytoBerry.

  • VegeGreens does have a blueberry flavor and is also available in caplet form for individuals who just cant stand the taste.

  • I’ve been taking vegegreens for a year now and love the results. I won’t lie though when I tell you they taste horrid and don’t get any better. If you want to “enjoy” the drink try something else. Otherwise you’ve just gotta man up and chug your blueberry mud.

    • I’m surprised you describe it as “horrid” John. I guess we all have different tastes, but I don’t really mind it at all. It wouldn’t be my first choice of drink obviously, but it isn’t “horrid” for my tastes (and I’m not one to love veggies).

  • Went into the Health Food Store this morning and asked what I could use to get my immune system strong before I start Chemo… because of breast Cancer and she told me VegeGreens because I prefer taking pills instead of drinking green+ She said if my PH level is balanced Cancer cannot live in a balanced body… So I will be a regular customer

  • Hi, I’m a 60 yr old male who’s wondering whether or not to start using a Greens supplement. I eat salads and green smoothies daily along with regular steaming of kale , broccoli etc. Most days I surpass the 6-8 servings that the supplement provides and am left wondering if I need a supplement. or is that overkill? I guess before I spend $40., I’d like to know whether I’m benefitting from it or not?

    • Great job with your greens first of all. You are in the minority these days for sure! The supplement would help or at least ensure you are getting enough of all kinds of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. If your $40 could go to better things I would say it isn’t necessary, but I recommend it if you can fit it into your budget very comfortably. Hope that helps.

  • Would VegeGreens taste good mixed in low sodium tomato juice (for lunch or p.m.)? And in the morning would PhytoBerry (also by Progressive) be a good choice mixed with fresh or frozen berries, yogurt and coconut milk?

    • I’m not sure how it would taste in tomato juice as I’ve never tried. I would prefer it in water I think. You could mix PhytoBerry with those ingredients but again I think I would prefer it with water an ice.

    • I’ve tried the vege greens mixed with tomato juice and as long as the tomato juice is cold it’s not bad.
      I’m not a sweet person, however the blueberry flavor tastes good in smoothies.

  • Hi Kevin, could you please send me an email with your shipping address? I work for Genuine Health and would like to send you some new products for you to review – I think you’ll be very happy with the ingredients and taste of our new greens+ O, which is is 75-80% organic depending on flavour (unflavoured or acai berry). We’ve also just launched some truly amazing sports nutrition products that are using cutting edge and innovative ingredients that have captured the attention of some sports nutrition heavywheights, such as John Berardi of Precision Nutrition. Great blog! Looking forward to connecting. -Nolan

  • Hi kevin,i bought a green powder from your good health shop yesterday,it is a products from nulife company .the seller covinced me by better tast that it has but in fact indont have any experiance with both of then nu-green(profile) and vegegren.please gide me to select the best one.also i didnt find any review for nu-green

    • The seller may have made more money selling you that supplement over others (or that is all they carried). I’ve never heard of it though, so I can’t tell you if it’s any good.

  • I have been taking progressive greens for over 10 years fantastic product in that time frame i have been sick maybe 4 times i get sick very little I am 62 this product i take with Manitobia harvest hemp protein , I do not take any other supplements feel like i am 40 years old

  • Love vegegreens, my husband takes it in his chocolate protein shake but I love the blueberry one as morning snack. Mix it in my plain Greek yogurt and add cup of blueberry’s or rasberry’s. Get the frozen berry’s as once defosted add more moisture, making it really easy to eat and tastes great!

  • I’ve been taking both VegeGreens and PhytoBerry for a couple of months, now, and I swear by them! I’ve had trouble growing my hair for decades … the ends were always breaking off … but my hair has grown a good 3 inches since taking the VegeGreens and PhytoBerry! My energy levels are higher and I feel much more clear-headed than before taking the supplements, too! Can’t say enough good about them … highly recommended!

  • For those who don’t like the taste of the vegegreens, I take mine with cinnamon. They recommend that you take cinnamon daily anyway, as it is very good for you, and the cinnamon takes away the “ick” factor of the vegegreens. I dont’ mind the flavour by itself, but the cinnamon really helped. The vegegreens have given me so much more energy and I feel better after I take them.

  • Can I take them together? Like in one glass vegegreens with phytoberry? Or they have to be taken individually? A how can I put the vegegreens on my husbands diet without him knowing? Will it change the taste of a strawberry protein shake he takes in the morning?

    • Yes you can take them together (I do)! And haha you can try to sneak them in his shake. He will only notice by color most likely – depending what else is in there. I’m sure he won’t mind if you tell him how much you care about his health and after he gives the shake a try (it should still taste good).

  • I have a case of chronic hives ( over 1 year now off and on). I took phytoberry daily for 2 months now and have switched to vegigreens, will either help with the hives situation? The dermitoligist seems to think it is autoimmune system not working right.


    • Donna.. I know this was a long time ago.. But did this help with your hives? I have an autoimmune disease that causes this and wondered how you got on?

  • Quick question… I am presently taking progressive “vegessentials”. Do you think it would be overkill to also take vegegreens?

  • I enjoyed your review on these two products. I just ordered the Greens+multi+ to try and then relaized that Vegegreens also has a multi version. I’m wondering if you have done any reviews on the Greens+multi+ vs the Vegegreens multi? I would be interested to hear what you think about their nutrition values and I can’t find any comparison reviews online.

  • I personally like VegeGreen Blueberry medley.I do however, add it to my protein shake that I make with Progressive Organic Whey. I incorporate it with milk, plain yogurt, some chia, hemp and flax seed and 2 fruits, a dash of turmeric and YUM! OH and avocado makes it creamy!

  • I just purchased vegegreens and I’m hoping it will boost my energy but aside from that I’m looking for some fat loss. I’m not a big girl to begin with but i do have a bit of fat on the belly and thighs I absolutely hate and this product was recommended. Does this product help to lose fat?

    • I don’t think it will directly help you lose fat… but should help with energy levels, so you can get some good workouts in!

  • Do you have to take vegegreens with food? Can you drink it between meals? Can you drink it with flavoured bcaas? Thanks!

  • Hello I’m not going to gym! So can i take vegegreebs daily as i take multivitamin pills everyday or i have to go to gym while I’m taking vehegreens… can a normal person take vegegreens everyday without going to gym ?

  • Hello ! I’m currently using vegegreens and i would like to know why it says on the label ” not recommended beyond 3 months .”
    Does anyone know the answer ?