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When To Eat Carbs For Fat Loss

First off I want to mention that carbohydrates are fine to eat while trying to lose weight – you just need to eat them at the right times and eat the right types of carbohydrates.

I often get asked if it is ok to eat carbs, and when it is ok to eat them so I am going to write just a short blog posts here about it.

If you are trying to loss weight you are going to want to cut out almost all “starchy” carbs for the most part of the day. The only time you should be eating any type of starchy carb is either a couple hours before a workout, and immediately after a workout.

What are starchy carbs? Starchy carbs include bread, bagels, rice, grains, cereals, potatoes. Starchy carbs are usually higher in calories and will lead to weight gain if eaten too often. Keep those type of carbs close to your workouts, as your body will need them as fuel.

So although you should only be eating starchy carbs right around your workout, you can eat healthy “non-starchy” carbs almost any time you’d like. When thinking of non-starchy carbohydrates think green veggies.

Here is what your day of eating might look like in terms of carbohydrates only…

6 Meal Day:

Breakfast – Starchy Carbs

Mid-Morning – No Carbs


Post Workout – Starchy Carbs

Dinner – Non-Starchy Carbs

Snack – Non-Starchy Carbs

Late Night Snack – No Carbs
The above is just an exmaple, but if you follow something similar you will see yourself losing weight.

Cutting out carbohydrates is extremely tough for a lot of people who are used to eating all different types of breads, pastas, cereals, etc – but if you are serious about losing fat you are going to need to explore some new foods. There are lot of lean proteins, healthy fats, and vegetables that all can make for delicious meals and snacks.

Just a short blog post, but hopefully it gave you a little bit of information on when you can eat carbs and which types to be eating. Good luck with your weight loss!

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