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Best Post Workout Shake For Muscle Building

Today I felt like giving my “secret” muscle building post workout shake recipe. It actually isn’t a secret of course, but it is an amazing tasting post workout shake that is great for anyone who is looking to build muscle. If you aren’t looking to add muscle mass you could still alter the ingredients a little bit to fit your goals.

The Ingredients:


#1 – Pour water into blender, followed by ice cubes, protein powder and BCAA powder. “Pulse” blend those three for 2-4 seconds just to mix it up.

#2 – Add in the banana and natural peanut butter and blend on high for 10-15 seconds

#3 – Pour and enjoy.

Extra Tip – This would also be a great time to take your multi-vitamin too. Pills go down nicely with your post workout shake.

A Look at the Muscle Building Ingredients

The 2:1:1 post workout supplement gives you almost everything you will need after a workout to replenish your muscles and help them grow. This will cover your fast digesting carbohydrates (70 grams with the two scoops). You will also get close to 40 grams of a mix of different types of proteins. Instead of just fast acting whey protein you will also get in your casein protein (slow absorbing) and egg albumen protein.

Although the 2:1:1 formula includes BCAA’s I like to get even more BCAA’s in to help my muscles potential of growth. The added scoop of instant BCAA powder will help.

The banana in the post workout shake is mostly for added flavor, but you will receive some Potassium which is a bonus.

Although I don’t recommend too much fat post workout because it will slow down digestion of the fast acting carbohydrates and proteins, it is OK to add a small amount of natural peanut butter. This is the icing on the cake, making this muscle building post workout shake taste amazing.

It isn’t often you can have the perfect protein shake taste so good, but give this one a shot and I can almost guarantee you will be hooked. I enjoy this shake so much that I even refer to it as a desert.

If you’re looking to build muscle give this a shot. I recommend drinking this as soon as possible after a workout.

If you are looking to either maintain or lose fat you can switch 1 scoop of 2:1:1 with 1 scoop of a low carbohydrate whey protein supplement.


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