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Should I Workout If I’m Sick?

A question a lot of ask – “Should I workout when I’m sick?”.

In fact, I had to ask myself that today.

The answer is almost always – No. It will depend on how sick you actually are, but if you aren’t feeling good you should probably take the day off from going to the gym and replace that time with solid rest.

This week I’ve been battling a head cold and went for my normal workouts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but after my workout Wednesday I started feeling really rough. I woke up today feeling pretty brutal and, although going to bed thinking I was going to tough it out and workout, ultimately decided I would skip today’s workout.

It was a pretty tough decision because I am just a week out from leaving for my vacation and I have been working pretty hard at the gym to cut down some weight.

I ended up coming to a smart conclusion that if I went to the gym today I probably would still feel brutal tomorrow and for the weekend, and my workouts would suffer anyways. I would rather get better and have some really good workouts this weekend. I stayed in, did a bit of work, and took a nice 2 hour nap (yup my dog actually let me nap).

The result? I woke up feeling a lot better and even motivated enough to write this post. I am hitting the hay early tonight to try and get another 8 hours of sleep with hopes of being closer to 100% tomorrow afternoon for my workout.

What Should I Do When I’m Sick?

#1 – Don’t go to the gym – Stay in and try to get sleep or at least a lot of rest. If you work try and call in sick and get some needed rest.

#2 – Hydrate – Drink a ton of water. More then whatever you think is a lot is probably needed.

#3 – Take your multi’s and get some Vitamin C – Try to drink some orange juice or eat some oranges and apples, and also take your multi vitamins.

#4 – Get some sunlight – If it is summer time and sunny out go sit outside with some sunglasses on.

When you’re sick you won’t get in a proper workout anyways and your body won’t be able to recover properly. I know it is tough to skip a workout when you are in the routine of things, but your best bet is to take the day off and get your rest. If you’re sick when you’re reading this – Get Better!


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