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30 Day Fat Loss Plan

I haven’t been doing a lot of posting here at, but I look to get back to making a few blog posts per week. Today is January 11th, 2012 and I am 30 days out of a vacation down to a nice resort in Punta Cana, Dominican with my girlfriend.

The past few months I have been slacking with watching what I eat and have put on about 5-7 pounds of unwanted fat.

My goal in the next 30 days is to lose 9 pounds of fat before I leave for vacation.

Right now I am weighing in at around 197 or 199 and I’d love to get down to 189 for my vacation. That was about the weight I was for my last vacation, and I was pretty lean and feeling pretty good.

So how am I going to lose this weight?

Workouts – I will be doing 6 weightlifting workouts a week (if I can fit them all in – which I should with no excuses). These will be split into chest/arms, back/shoulders, and legs/core – all twice per week. On top of that I will be playing hockey once or twice per week, and will also be adding interval training cardio sessions to add up to a total of 3 cardio workouts per week. Although 6 weightlifting days might seem like a lot, I will be doing shorter and intense workouts which shouldn’t be too taxing on my body.

Eating – My goal is to eat healthy 6 days of the week with the 1 cheat day where I can eat whatever I like. During the 6 healthy days I will be cutting down my carbohydrates (except before and after my workouts I will get some healthy carbs in my body). I am going to cut down my calories overall, and try to eat a lot of healthy proteins and fats to help keep me feeling satisfied.

Fat Loss Supplements – I will be taking my Anavite multi vitamins twice per day as usual, a vitamin C, and Omega-3 Fish Oil pills. I will also be taking Assault Pre workout and a new Ripped Freak fat burner – both of which I will review here shortly (I’ve been on them both for about 2 weeks now).

Other – I might try to start doing some Yoga again as I found Yoga did accelerate my fat loss.

Leave a comment if you’re interested to hear more about my 30 day “cut”, and I will be posting more here regardless if I get any feedback (I know a lot of people don’t like to take the time to leave a comment).

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  • Nice blog – just came across it by chance. I was on vacation in December and it’s been so hard getting back into the swing of things and as a result i’ve lost some muscle mass and added fat. This is encouraging! I’ve never been a fan of supplements however, do they work?

  • Hey Mike, this is older post but glad you found the site. I’ve found supplements to be very helpful in meeting my goals, but they aren’t needed. Check out some of the newer posts!