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Cold Showers For Fat Loss

I came across a pretty interesting topic last night when I was browsing some blogs. Tim Ferris, author of the record breaking book The Four Hour Body, has suggested that cold showers and other cold exposure will help with fat loss.

He has conducted many experiments on the body, and this is one that makes sense and I am going to start to implement cold showers for fat loss.

He got the idea from his friend who works for NASA who was amazed that Michael Phelps could eat 12,000 calories per day and still be so fit. It wasn’t because he trains all day long, but more because he is in the water so much each day. Being in the colder water was “sucking the heat” out from the body, which in turn burns more calories to maintain a normal body temperature, and in the end causes fat loss.

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It doesn’t necessarily have to be cold showers for losing fat. Tim Ferris goes to the extreme with 3 ice baths a week. While his NASA friend has suggest cold walks with just a t-shirt on in cold weather. If you are not into the cold showers and ice baths for fat loss, try just turning your thermostat down a couple degrees during the winter. Having your body exposed to cold will burn more calories throughout the day and lead to fat loss.

Ferris calls it “thermodynamics”, and says that at least 50% more calories are burned from cold showers, cold walks and ice baths.

Cold showers and other cold exposure have been proven to do more than just fat loss. Cold showers can help improve immunity and may be an effect treatment for depression. Cold showers can also enhance pain and stress toelrance and overcome chronic fatigue syndrome.

I know that cold showers won’t be a miracle for fat loss, but doing something so easy that will help with fat loss is just a no brainer to me. I have about 15 days until my vacation to Mexico and I will using cold showers for that extra fat loss push. Since my first blog post I have gone form 200 to 195 pounds, and look to be a lean 192 before I leave.

I will report back with any feedback from the cold showers for fat loss!

My report: Cold showers definitely have been helping with my fat loss. After just two weeks of using cold showers daily (usually twice a day) I ended up dropping that last stubborn 3-4 pounds of belly fat. I also used some secrets from the 31 Day Fat Loss Cure program that Vic put together though.

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  • Tim Ferris did 3 ice baths per week, not per day. He found this to increase fat loss by 300% (3 times the fat loss).

    3 times per day would be pretty ridiculous.

  • Ferris does call it “thermodynamics”, but he took that name from the branch of physics called “thermodynamics”. The second law of thermodynamics means that heat always flows from hotter to colder objects. Newton’s law of cooling says that the rate of flow is proportional to the difference in temperature. This means that being in a cold environment makes you lose heat, and being in a very cold one makes you lose heat faster. Your body needs to maintain a constant temperature, so it burns energy stores (e.g. fat and glucose) to keep the temperature up despite the heat loss.

  • I’m not trying to be funny or crude when asking this, because I have thought about trying it myself since I read 4Hour Body. But… What did you do about your balls? Lol, I mean I hate getting in a lake that is too cold, let alone ice cold showers. Any tips? (pun sort of intended)

    • Matt I just sucked it up and jumped in. It definitely isn’t pleasant but you will somewhat get used to it. The first 5-10 seconds are the worst. If you are taking cold baths you can get a hand towel soaked in hot water and wrap it around your “junk” to help.

  • Nice blog. Its spelled Ferriss though. I submitted something that was included in the bonus extras for the Four Hour Body. Google drinking extra virgin olive oil to lower your bosy’s set point…