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Yoga For Fat Loss

Well today marked the first time in my life doing Yoga, and I actually really enjoyed it!

You don’t see many 22 year old guys doing Yoga these days, but my prediction is that it will come increasingly popular with males and the younger crowd (while still continuing to grow in all other demographics too of course).

As I am getting ready to go to Florida in about 5.5 weeks time I am trying to lose some weight (fat only) and today I learned just how great Yoga is for fat loss!

I didn’t realize how tough yoga actually was…

Let me give you a bit of background about me: I am a pretty athletic and “built” 22 year old male that has been working out consistently for many years. I should note that my workouts are actually high tempo and tough workouts that give me a sweat and I play hockey 3 times a week.

With all that said – I struggled with my first Yoga session. Not in a bad way… but it actually worked me out!

I was sweating and my muscle were burning – I felt like I had just completed a pretty high tempo fat loss weight lifting workout. Yoga is definitely going to be added to my fat loss workouts (and even when I’m not focusing on fat loss) 🙂

And although Yoga was tough and can burn fat it was amazingly relaxing and completely cleared my mind. Almost everyone I know who had tried Yoga previously had told me how good it was, but I didn’t really believe the hype until today – I think I’m hooked.

Yoga can’t be your only fat loss exercise, but if added to a workout program that is designed for weight loss I am sure you will see some unbelievable results (that is if you are eating healthy).

Because I didn’t know all of the benefits of Yoga I did a bit of research… here are some cool benefits of Yoga:

Increasing Your Flexibility – This is the obvious one for Yoga. I’m not sure if there is any scientific proof of a correlation between flexibility and fat loss, but increasing your flexibility is great for your general health. Yoga is becoming more popular with athletes this is a big reason why (my prediction is increased popularity with athletes over time).

Massaging Organs (Inner Too!) – Yoga is one of the only ways to massage the inner glands and organs without your body (which includes the prostate). The stimulation helps keep away disease – sign me up.

Detoxification – Yoga increases the blood supply to various parts and mucles of the body. This will flush toxins and provide nutrients to the entire body. Great for fat loss and even building muscle (muscles need nutrients).

Toning Your Body – There are a lot of isometric type holds when performing Yoga (a quarter squat for example). This will burn calories and also provide a workout for the muscles – the results fat loss and muscle toning.

If your goal is losing fat I highly recommend adding Yoga as a supplement to your workouts. I am aiming to do Yoga a few times a week now as I look to shed these last couple pounds of fat before my next vacation. Oh, for a double whammy fat burn try using cold showers for fat loss after your Yoga session… Enjoy!


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