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Easy Weight Loss Trick

workout journalIn today’s post I’m going to go over a very simple weight loss trick that you can use (it is nothing unbelievable but it is simple and works) and then I will be doing my normal workout journal at the end.

So what is the weight loss trick?

Writing out your workout plans a week in advance and “setting appointments” with the gym.

I’m not sure if you use a calendar at home or a day planner, but one of the best ways to make sure you get to the gym and don’t skip any workouts is to actually set appointments with the gym. By this I mean schedule in a block each day that you want to work out a week in advance.

For example on Sunday you could prepare for the week and write in your workouts for the week….

Monday 4:30 – Lower body + Core workout
Tuesday 4:30 – Back/Shoulders workout + Cardio
Wednesday 4:30 – Trial Walk
Thursday 8:00 – Chest/Arms workout + Core
Friday 4:30 – Interval Cardio workout
Saturday 12:00 – Yoga + core workout

Writing your workouts down on paper somewhere will help hold yourself accountable. And actually setting a time will ensure that something doesn’t come up instead of your appointment with the gym. I’ve talked about getting into a workout routine before, but writing down workout plans (including what you will do at the gym) is also key.

Another way to ensure you aren’t skipping workouts would be to post it up on whatever social network site you use (facebook, twitter). Something like “going to yoga today at noon” or whatever will also work to hold you accountable. You will be less likely to bail on a workout if it is written out somewhere.

I also make sure that I write out what I’m doing for that day at the top of my workout log I bring to the gym and use throughout the workout. At the top I will have “Chest + Arms + CARDIO”. Writing down cardio makes sure that I don’t get to the end of my workout and end up skipping the cardio workout!

Give it a try, and use it as another little trick to help you lose weight and get in shape!

Ok on to my workout journal…

Wednesday’s Workout Journal

Right now I just took my steaks out of the fridge and am waiting for them to get to room temperature before I turn on the BBQ, so I thought I would write a post.

Today I went to the trials with my dog (as some of you may have seen on my Workout Tipster Facebook page where I posted a picture of our walk). The walk was about 50 minutes and overall a pretty good workout, as the trail has lots of hills. After that I came home and had a pre workout shake and headed to the gym soon after.

Today was chest/arms/oblique day (splitting up core into obliques and just normal core now as I get closer to my trip).

My workout consisted of incline dumbbell press, dips, dumbbell bench with half turn, dumbbell curls, triceps pressdown superset with plate side bends, isolate seated db curls, and then medicine ball twists superset with push ups.

Most were 3 sets with about 8-12 reps. Overall a good workout.

My eating has been good today with eggs and turkey bacon in the morning, a chicken breast and two whole hardboiled eggs for lunch, my post workout shake, and then I’m about to grill up some steak with mushroom, onions, spinach, and broccoli.

I weighed in at 197 today after my workout so I’m getting down to my goal for the trip. Only 5 more days until I leave, and I will be hitting the gym hard and hopefully getting a few more blog posts up… have a good week!

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