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At Home Outdoor Workout

After a weekend in Toronto (Canada) me and my girlfriend decided to get back into things today with an “at home” workout in the backyard. Workouts at home can be convenient, and you can actually get a very good workout in with little to no equipment.

All we had for our outdoor workout was a mat to use on the deck, and some music!

We performed basically a full lower body and core workout, which included a dynamic warm up, some plyometrics, core work, etc.

Below is the full workout we performed at home and we did two sets of each exercise:

  • dynamic warm up (included lunges, side steps, butt kicks, front kicks, etc)
  • burpees
  • split squat jumps
  • mountain climbers
  • groiners
  • squat jumps
  • v-ups
  • planks
  • reverse crunch
  • burpee finisher

We are enjoying some very nice, sunny, hot weather here so it was good to get outside and have a workout in the sun. With that said, it’s important to make sure you stay very hydrated throughout your workout. I recommended making sure that you hydrate during the morning before you do workout outdoors, and then always have cold water with you during your workout and make sure you are takings sips often.

If you have something going on after you want to workout you should probably avoid working out in the sun, as it is pretty draining and will take a lot of energy out of you. But if you don’t have anything important to get up to afterwards the outdoor workouts can feel great!

It is much easier to do some lower body, cardio, or core workout outside than an upper body workout – although it would be possible to do some sort of upper body workout (especially if you can get your hands on a resistance band).

Here’s a picture of performing some squat jumps:


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