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The Best Breakfast To Eat – Meat and Nuts

Transcript of my “Best Breakfast To Eat” Video on YouTube:

What’s up, guys? Dan Garner, strength coach and nutrition specialist here to talk to you about breakfast. I’m a huge proponent on my client getting breakfast, a good healthy breakfast in everyday. I just feel like they perform better. They always report that they’re sharper and specifically, the meat and nut breakfast.

I’m a big fan of the Poliquin meat and nut breakfast. He’s made it pretty famous. This breakfast is fantastic because it’s very high in proteins, it’s very high in fibers, it’s very high in healthy fats and I mean, that’s everything that you need for optimal body composition.

Start your breakfast off with 20%, so if- got my numbers here- if 30% of your calories from breakfast are from protein sources, it’s going to elevate your metabolism 20% for the entire day. So, that’s huge right there. So something just as simple as having more protein for breakfast can elevate metabolism throughout the entire day, I’m definitely going to be taking advantage of it, cause the metabolism just doesn’t result in more muscle mass, but it also results in more fat loss too. You want to have a high-protein breakfast, the healthy fats in the meal, the combination of healthy fats and proteins is going to keep you insulin sensitive so the carbohydrates that you do take in are going to be much more susceptible to being stored as glycogen as opposed to into the fat cell.

Another thing with the meat and nut breakfast is it is very effective at keeping you mentally sharp. So, I mean, this is a very well rounded breakfast. It’s going to help you burn fat. It’s going to help you build muscle, but it also has a psychological aspect to it too and that’s because it increases two neurotransmitters in the brain known as dopamine and acetylcholine and these are really your motivation drive and active neurotransmitters in the brain and research was done on- a lot of research has been done on the meat and nut breakfast and high-protein high-healthy fat breakfasts, but it really boils down to increasing this neurotransmitters, increasing neurodrives.

This type of breakfast is going to give you more energy throughout the day. There’s good research on- they were furniture makers actually, and the control group who did not have the meat and nut breakfast versus the control group who did have the meat and nut breakfast, the control group made more furniture between breakfast and lunch, but they also made a lot more furniture after lunch too, which means that it is a good indicator that breakfast dictates energy levels throughout the entire day regardless of what you ate for lunch.

People who had a high-protein high-healthy fat breakfast as opposed to sugary cereals- this was a children’s study- they scored an average 20 points higher on an IQ test, having a high-protein high-healthy fat breakfast as opposed to sugary cereal. That’s huge. This is really important for parents. I mean, it’s always good to have a breakfast that’s going to burn fat, build muscle, and whatever, but it’s very important for parents to give their kids a high-protein high-healthy fat breakfast as well because it’s going to keep their attention span, their focus, and their drive at school that much more effective because when you have a cereal, that’s sugar. One thing I tell all parents that work with me is that to eliminate cereal from their kid’s diet. It’s brutal for your physiology and it’s neurotoxic as well, but aside from that, having more attention span in school and having more neurodrive at school, they’re going to perform better mentally and physically.

So, it’s really a no brainer. It’s going to help you build muscle, burn fat, you’re going to be even more neurally, you’re going to have more neurodrive, it’s better for kid’s school. High-healthy fats and good sources of protein with breakfast is the way to go.

I am a big fan of the meat and nut breakfast. I have a 100% positive feedback on this breakfast- 100%. Everybody thinks it’s weird when they start. I’ve had a client say that she felt like a bear when she started because she’s eating meat and nuts. I’ve had people say that they feel like caveman because they’re eating meat and nuts. All jokes aside, they still keep eating meat and nuts because they understand what good energy is now.

So, to start your breakfast right: guys, two palms-size servings of protein with a thumb-size serving of fat is a great start or just a hand-full of nuts; and women, one palm-size serving of protein and a handful of nuts would be a great way to start the day, regardless of your goals.

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