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Ground Chicken for Muscle Building

My imagination for different meals doesn’t go too far, so I’m currently trying to find or make up new muscle building meals. Last night while grocery shopping I picked up some ground chicken for a change of my normal chicken breasts.

I actually just made a very delicious meal with the ground chicken that is pretty good if your goal is to build muscle.

You can add or subtract things as you find necessary, but here are the ingredients I used for my ground chicken muscle building meal:

  • ground chicken (check that nothing else is listed in the ingredients besides chicken)
  • sliced mushrooms
  • onions
  • minced garlic
  • light parmesan cheese (optional)
  • and light tomato sauce.

What I did was throw in some sunflower oil (any cooking oil will do) and the chopped onions first into the pan. While the was heating up I got the ground chicken out and added that in (medium heat). Chop of the ground chicken a little bit to start, and you can do it easier when it starts cooking.

While that’s going you can get out the tomato sauce and sliced mushrooms, and another smaller pan to cook those two in separate. Make sure to keep stirring around the ground chicken so it doesn’t burn. Put a little bit of oil in the pan and add the mushrooms – heat those up for a minute and then add the tomato sauce (low heat).

The ground chicken should be going now, so you can add in the minced garlic for some flavor.

Once the ground chicken is finished (roughly 5-7 minutes) throw it in a bit bowl and add the sauce/mushrooms when it is heated up, just make sure you don’t over heat the sauce.

Mix that all up and add Parmesan cheese if you want (avoid it if you’re trying to gain lean muscle). You now have yourself a nice muscle building ground chicken meal that tastes good!

Optional for muscle building – if you want to get some carbs in there serve it all over brown rice. You’ll have a protein and carb rich meal that tastes good and will be a change from the normal chicken, rice and vegetable meal.

Enjoy, and share with anyone else you know looking to pack on some muscle!

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