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Best Breakfast For Building Muscle

Although we can’t say this is the absolute best breakfast for building muscle (or gaining weight), below I will share with you my personal favorite breakfast for packing on muscle.

There are probably a few things that I would alter to make it the most nutritious for packing on lean muscle, but this is a great muscle building breakfast that tastes great.

To me taste is a huge factor. In order to make a change in your diet year round you have to be somewhat enjoying the foods you eat, and this breakfast is delicious. If I were training for a competition or maybe a vacation where I wanted to be lean as can be I probably would alter the following – but for everyday muscle building this is great.

2 Whole Eggs
8 Egg Whites (1 “small” carton)
Roughly 2 Cups of Breakfast Potatoes (No added ingredients – check label)
3 Slices “Natural” Bacon (or Turkey Bacon)

This is a very simple breakfast, but tastes amazing (in my opinion) and has lots of protein and some carbohydrates.

The first thing to do is set your stove to medium for two of the burners. Start up the breakfast potatoes (make sure you are using a healthy kind of breakfast potatoes that don’t have all the added preservatives) with a little bit of light cooking oil. I use Olive Oil. On the other burner you can start up your bacon. These two take about 5-10 minutes depending on how high you have the heat, so start them before the eggs.

When your potatoes and bacon are almost finished you can start up your eggs. I often switch between “over-easy” or “over-medium” and scrambled eggs. Once your eggs are finished you can enjoy your meal. I often use some ketchup across my eggs and potatoes, but whatever you like.

Optional: I recommend taking a Greens supplement with your breakfast or while you are cooking breakfast. I also recommend a multi vitamin either first thing in the morning before breakfast with a big glass of water or right after you eat breakfast.

For anyone looking to put on some muscle this is a great breakfast to start the day, and you will be satisfied after eating it. My only other note is that you don’t want to eat this if you train soon after breakfast. I find it takes about 2.5 hours for me to be ready to go to the gym after this big muscle building breakfast – but I also don’t like training on a full stomach while others can.

Enjoy, and feel free to share your favorite or best breakfast for building muscle below.

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