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How To Find Motivation When Working Out Alone

The biggest problem most people have with working out usually isn’t that they don’t know what they are doing or aren’t sure how to lose fat/gain muscle, but that they lack the motivation to first of all get to the gym consistently and when they are there to work hard.

I am just like everyone else and although I love training I sometimes find it hard to get motivated to go 4-6 times per week and work my ass off when I’m there.

Over the years of working out I’ve worked out both with a workout partner (or two) and by myself. I find that having a “workout buddy” is the easiest way to get and stay motivated, as you can push each other and hold each other accountable for meeting at the gym on your training days.

Lately I’ve been training solo because I find it hard to find a workout partner who can train at the same time as me and is as committed as me to train 5 or 6 times a week. Below I’m going to go over some ways that anyone else working out alone can get motivated.

#1 – Progress Pictures

If you really want to stay motivated take a “before” picture and hang it on the wall somewhere in your house or bedroom. Every week on a certain day take another picture in the same stance, and continue to hang those pictures side by side. When you start noticing some progress you will start to get really motivated to keep going. I find the first week weeks is the toughest, but when the gains start coming you should really start to enjoy getting to the gym and transforming your body.

#2 – Record Your Workouts

This is a big one. Go to the store and buy some type of booklet that you can record all of your workouts at the gym with. Everyday you workout bring the booklet and a pen or pencil on the workout floor and write down each exercise you perform, the amount of weight you are lifting for each set, and the number of reps you perform. This will allow you to try and improve on your numbers each workout, even if it is just by 5 pounds or one rep each time you train. I kind of look at working out as a game versus myself, where I am constantly trying to beat my previous “score”. Knocking off personal bests is a good feeling and should help with the motivation factor.

#3 – Schedule Your Workouts on Paper

Write down what time you are going to workout. Whether you plan your week in advance or plan your workout time the night before, having your workout time written on paper makes it feel more like a scheduled appointment that you can’t skip. Skipping a workout when you have it written down should make you feel more guilty than if you were to just have the thought of going to the gym in your head.

#4 – Try Out Some Supplements

I find that when I am testing out a new supplement I get really excited for going to the gym to see how good the supplement will be. Some workout supplements (especially pre workouts) seem to give me a very nice boost in the gym and I never turn down a workout when I have something new to test out. If you’ve been using the same supplements for a while (or don’t use any supplements right now) treat yourself to something new and see if that gives you some added motivation to hit the weights.

#5 – Start a New Training Program

If you’re doing the same old workouts day in and day out you may get bored. Find yourself a new workout program and follow it religiously. The gains will come with it and motivation will follow. Try to find an up-tempo program with workouts that last about 35-55 minutes so you don’t have to spend hours in the gym.

#6 – Participate in Workout Forums/Comment on Blogs

Whether it be talking with friends or people at the gym, joining workout related forums, or just commenting at blogs like here at, I find that just discussing working out with others can keep you motivated.

Alright those are my best tips for anyone who is working alone that is struggling with motivation. I hope they help!

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