Video Transcript of my YouTube Video “Marijuana’s Effects on Muscle Building and Fat Loss“:

What’s up, guys? Dan Garner, strength coach and nutrition specialist here, I’m going to talk to you today about marijuana’s effects on muscle building and fat loss.

So, I’ve been through a lot of clients and a lot of people will opt for smoking a joint as opposed to drinking alcohol because alcohol’s side effects are blatantly obvious, right? It’s got lots of calories, it makes you feel like crap, people get a beer belly, it causes tons of inflammation, you know, so a lot of people opt for marijuana as opposed to alcohol if they have body composition goals, you know. But marijuana affects muscle building and fat loss as well and to a pretty high degree.

So, here’s what the science is telling us on marijuana’s effects on hormones and body composition. So, if you smoke one joint you’re going to decrease your testosterone for 24 hours. If you smoke a joint everyday for a week you’re going to decrease your testosterone for a month. If you smoke a joint everyday for a month you’re going to decrease your testosterone levels roughly 6 months, okay? So, that’s a long time and not only does marijuana inhibit testosterone production, it’s also extremely estrogenic, so increasing various amounts of female hormones in your body.

When you’re trying to burn fat or build muscle, nobody needs circulating female hormones in excess. I mean, it just throws up homeostasis. Estrogen does play a role in muscle building, keeping the bones healthy, and all that, so you do need it in some quantity but not in the quantity that marijuana is going to provide and they’re unhealthy estrogens too. There’s not just one type of estrogen in the body -there’s tons. And marijuana is definitely not going to give you the healthy forms of estrogen that you need.

So, males and females looking to build muscle or lose fat, if you want to use every bit of testosterone that’s in your system and ensure it’s running on optimal levels it is vital to not smoke marijuana while you’re training or if you’re serious about being a good athlete or if you’re going on stage soon or whatever it is, okay?

So, I get asked this question all the time. A lot of people don’t know the research on this so, I’m hoping this shed a little bit of light here and let you know marijuana’s consequences on muscle building and fat loss. Thanks guys!

ruptured appendix workoutMy workouts had been going so well and I was getting into the best shape I had been in for a while. Then last Monday (June 24th) I started to get a stomach ache. I went to bed thinking it was just a stomach ache and had a rough sleep. The next day it wouldn’t go away so finally at night I went into the hospital with my girlfriend.

They had me on some painkillers over night expecting that my appendix was inflamed. The pain got a lot worse Tuesday and the doctors figured out my appendix had ruptured. Originally they thought I was going to have to have a pretty big surgery, but they decided to wait to see if the antibiotics would help heal it before they went in for surgery.
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Staying in Shape While Injured

On Tuesday I wrote a post about how I was going to get back at going to the gym hard, eating clean and recording my meals all the time, and posting here regularly again.

Unfortunately the next day (Wednesday) I got injured playing in my Men’s League Hockey playoff game.

WARNING: If you don’t like blood don’t look at the picture coming up. It isn’t too bad but if you really don’t like seeing blood you can skip the picture.

It was basically a freak accident while playing hockey, but a guy on the other teams stick nailed me right in the mouth and across my top and bottom teeth. Right when it happened I knew that I had at least one tooth chipped, and then a few seconds later I realized there were at least two or more chipped or knocked out when I saw them on the ice.
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Getting Back At It

Wow, I can’t believe it has been nearly a month since my last post. I actually didn’t think too much about it until I received an email from someone who visits the blog regularly checking on me to see if I was okay. It is good to know that people are coming here and looking for posts weekly, now I just need to make sure I get them up more often.

So what I have been doing?

My last post talked about how I was leaving for Florida in a few days. I went to Panama City Beach, Florida for a week at the start of April. During my time there I did a few bodyweight and band workouts, but nothing serious at all. I also went for a run with my girlfriend Ashley and played some beach volleyball to stay somewhat active. My eating was alright and about what you can expect for a vacation. Overall it was a great time and a nice break from the awful weather we’ve been having up in Canada.
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Workout, Diet, Life Update

I haven’t posted here in about a week so I figured I would get a post up tonight. Sorry that I haven’t posted here a lot lately, I’ve been really busy within my business. I don’t have anything specific to write about tonight, but I will just give an update what I’ve been doing the past week or so.

As you know, if you’ve been reading my blog posts, I’m leaving for Florida on the 31st of March (staying in Detroit and then flying out April 1st). I’ve been doing my best to keep working hard in the gym and in the kitchen with my eating. It has been tough lately with being busy with work and a lot of activities going on within my group of friends during the weekends – but I’ve done a pretty good job.
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